Stop Supporting Convicted Child Pornographers

Stop Supporting Convicted Child Pornographers


I love Spotify but I was deeply troubled to learn convicted child pornographer Kenny Klein ( is still a featured musician. So here's my idea: TAKE HIS MUSIC DOWN.



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You have know about this since 2017 - and that **bleep**';s music is STILL on Spotify?


Kenny Klein was a pedophile, an abusive husband, and a child rapist. I have met his ex, Tziporz Katz, and consider her a close personal friend. She survived years of physical abuse from Klein. She left the Pagan community well before Klein was imprisoned for raping children.   She only recently has been able to slowly reach out to a community who loves and misses her. This is because of Klein.

I met her son Jo. He still suffers from PTSD. If anyone touches him, he IMMEDIATELY leave the room in order to calm down and be able to interact with people. This is because of Klein.

Their entire family was active in the Pagan community. Tzipora's daughter will never attend a Pagan gathering EVER again. This is because of Klein.

Klein died this year, imprisoned and alone, of cancer. Good. I literally cheered when this abomination of a human died.


Kenny Klein's legacy should not be his music. He should be rembered for abusing his wife, abusing his children, owning and distributing child pornography, and for raping children.


Take his music down. NOW!

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