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Stop shuffling the playlist when changing the playback device

Stop shuffling the playlist when changing the playback device

I've got Amazon Echo Dot devices all around and use them to play Spotify.

Here's the problem:
I listen a playlist on shuffle, remove unwated songs, move the songs around. Then I want to go to another room and continue listening. I say "Alexa, ask Spotify to play music in kitchen".

Current songs continues to play in wanted device but the playlist is shuffled and my changes are lost.

My opinion is that the playlist should not be shuffled when changing the playback device.


I only tried with Android and Web Player but I guess it's an all platform problem.

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Also when the playlist reshuffles I could hear the same songs again on another device, no matter that I just listened them on the other device.

Updated on 2019-09-02

Hey @user-removed,


Thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange!


Could you let us know if, when switching output to one of your Echo Dots, the playlist order is shuffled, or are the changes that you made (including adding/removing songs) reversed?


Also, if you happen to have any other devices which use Connect do you mind seeing if the issue presents itself there too?


Thanks! Keep us posted 🙂

Hi, here's what's going on:

I wish to listen a playlist of mine, let's select "Xysma - First & Magical" and I start to shuffle the songs, on my cellphone. Like this:


Then I realize that the speaker on my phone is not loud enough so I change to the echo in my bedroom:


See how the next songs are changing. Then I feel like I want to hear the greatest saxophone solo of all time and add Jungleland by Bruce Springsteen to the queue:


But I also notice that I really need to get out of bed and go to the office and start working, so I change to the another echo device, in office:


And now the Next in Queue is gone and coming tracks are shuffled once again. 




Hey @user-removed,


Thanks for getting back to us with such a detailed explanation of the issue.


This is something that the right team are aware of, but we don't currently have a timeline for a fix.


In the meantime, we suggest you keep your app updated at all times.


Thanks! Take care 🙂

Nowadays it doesn't only shuffle the playlist but most of times also changes the current song to another and doesn't even start playing it from the beginning but from some randomish point.

Hi Peter, is there any update on this "fix"? This is still an issue a year later...


It's annoying when switching between my phone/Xbox/computer, I might be listening to a "This Is..." Playlist on my computer and then need to go into the car and start playing it on my phone, but it just reshuffles the "now playing", so I end up hearing repeats.

Yes, this problem still exists and is still super annoying. Please fix and re-test.

@Peter any update on this?


I experience the same issue, any combination of playback devices including Android phone app, PS4, Windows 10 PC, Google TV app.


Hey folks,


Thanks for keeping in touch.


@mtlons, this is currently being investigating and worked on by the right teams. We recommend checking this Ongoing Issue and adding your +Vote and info. You can also Subscribe to it to be on top on any updates we share about this.


If you have any questions or need anything else, we're always a post away.



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