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[WP 7.5] Quality of sound with Windows Phone

[WP 7.5] Quality of sound with Windows Phone

I used to have iPhone earlier and quality of sound was really good. Unfortenately it is not same with Windows Phone. I am using Nokia Lumia 800. 


Does anyone has same kind of experience? Will quality come better? 

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What quality settings have you selected on your phone? Low or High?
Airhorn Enthusiast

Stream quality is selected high.

Actually both (Stream and Sync) are selected to high.

Hmm, then it should be streaming at 160kbps. How do other things sound on your phone?
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In my Lumia sound is very good. Nokia released at least in Finland update which fix the poor sound quality in Lumia.

Oh.. You do not offer 320k in mobile? 

With the exception of iOS devices, the highest quality on the mobile version of Spotify is 160kbps.
Airhorn Enthusiast

That is the reason then.


Smiley Mad

Hope that this will be fixed soon.  

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