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[WP 7.5] Stale development?

[WP 7.5] Stale development?

We all know about the huge amount of bugs and flaws in the WP7 client. Im just wondering if its being worked on at all, considering it took Microsoft 6 months from showing the client to actually releasing it. I do not belive anyone at Spotify made the client but Microsoft had to step in and make it for you.


They then handed over the rights and code for it and you dont wanna touch the source again.


Is bandwidth taken from your server everytime we sync ouy playlists? Its pretty much every second time you open the client that you have to resync the playlists.


Gonna add my 3 333 songs to offline usage now and let it rip the server every now and then.


One thing I havent read about here yet is bluetooth controls. It is not supported. Cant change tracks or pause/play  and title/artist is not sent to cars infotainment system.  


Im thinking of changeing to Zune pass where all these things works. 

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