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[WP 7.5] Windows Phone App does not play any song

[WP 7.5] Windows Phone App does not play any song

The problem:

  • Yesterday I downloaded the Spotify App (ver
  • I can login to my account (which is a Premium account) without any problems.
  • I can see all my playlists, all songs in it, all my friends, playlists of my friends, can search for other songs, ...
  • But when I click on a playlist or song to play I just see the moving loading dots on top of the screen and thats all.

This also happens when:

  • I connected to WiFi and 3G (on the same WiFi connection I can use the Windows Deskop Application without any problems)
  • I only connected to WiFi
  • I only connected to 3G
  • I restart the Phone
  • I restart the App
  • I reinstall the App


  • Account-Type: Premium-Account
  • Mobile-Provder: T-Mobile (Germany)
  • Internet-Provider for WiFi: QSC
  • Phone: LG E900
  • Windows Phone Version: 7.5 (7.10.8107.79)
  • App Version:

Help!? 🙂

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I have exactly the same problem on My lumia 800

Same problem with my lumia 800, reinstalled gazillion times



I'm Expert in Windows Phone app. I have Lumia 800 too. And I'm an expert because I have been using WP Spotify for a long time.


The first thing you can try after clean re-install: boot your phone. Spotify knows all those bugs in Spotify's WP app. But fix is (hopefully) coming in the near future. You can also try resetting your phone settings or check your APN settings. Sometimes airmode helps in these situations.


Let me know how you doing!

Same problem on my HTC Titan after reseting my phone.

Ok there is currently no solution and it seems, that Spottily does completely work on other things than the Windows Phone 7 app. So please provide a usable API that I and friends of me can develop a app for Spotify on Windows Phone 7 that works!

Hey, add your kudos to this All Windows Phone bugs in one thread thread, if you want that Spotify fix those problems.


Let's hope that my thread will sit at home page on the community forever. Maybe then Spotify notice those problems.

Same problem on my lumia 710. Seriously disappointed I paid 10$

Same problem on my WP7 Samsung Focus.

looks like (in my case) the problem is, that spotify doesn't play well with activated 2-factor-authentication on facebook.

I just checked mine again, it's now working.  I hope this problem will not happen again. Will keep things updated if problem comes back.

I cannot connect spotify with the mediaplayer in my car.

The windows phone works correct with bluetooth.

But I cannot play my spotify playlists with blootooth.

Who can help me?

Thanks, Rob


for me it has nothing to do with Facebook...:-(

Spotify should fix the whole app! Before this no solution! No, no, no - no solution at all!


Spotify hurry up!

I FOUND THE FIX!!!!  I have an HTC Titan and the problem is definitely with the Facebook login.  


First, log into Spotify on the web and edit your profile.    You will find a place that allows you set a device password, instead of your Facebook login.  This is a 10 digit number that you can use to log into Spotify from your phone.  Once I did this, it works great.

Indeed .. for windows phone log in via your device NOT Facebook.


Reset your account via Spotify on the web and then log in on your phone via the new login name. 


Everything works perfectly now!

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