[WP10] Podcasts on Windows Phone 10

[WP10] Podcasts on Windows Phone 10


Hey all,

Podcasts are still not integrated for the Windows Phone 10 app. Of course there are other apps to listen to podcasts with but with the Spotify exclusive podcast productions (S&B, Germany) starting, that I would really like to listen to, there is no way for me to do so. Podcasts are not available on the desktop version OR on the Windows Phone app. Please do something about this. It's nice that you're investing in exclusive content but you should find a way to actually make it accessible to paying customers.

I have a premium subscription and use a Lumia 640 with Win10. The app is updated to the current release 

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Unfortunately there is no option for podcasts on Windows 10.


I am sorry.


Kind regards.


Thank you for the answer! I am aware of the fact that there is no option, yes. Is it planned for some future release?




Thanks for your question.


Windows Phone version 8 or below is not supported anymore, so there will be no updates to them.


Windows Phone 10 is supported, but I can't find any news when or if update comes. Usually Windows Phone is not high periority, so updates takes time, if there's any to come.


Hope this helps.


Since some time has passed,


i´d like to know, if there are any plans to support podcasts for Windows 10 or Windows Desktop Application?


Best, Cennet


To Spotify - any plans to add Windows Phone 10 podcast support?

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