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Web player stuck on one song; problems casting to Google Home

Web player stuck on one song; problems casting to Google Home

Spotify works fine on my Huawei P20 Android phone. When I try and cast to Google Home from my mobile it says "Connecting" but the song never plays and keeps playing on my phone. The song playing on the Google Home is from a playlist I listened to a few days ago.

If I open the Web Player in Chrome on a laptop it is stuck on a single song from that same old playlist. If I try and open a new playlist on the Web Player, the song playing doesn't change from the old one. I cannot play through that playlist - none of the buttons move the song on.

I've tried deleting cookies, different laptops, signing out etc etc. My account is Premium For Family, laptop Windows 10 Pro.

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Hello @JPCoetzee,


Thanks for getting in touch!


We see you already tried many things to get the song out of the queue. We are wondering if you have tried clearing your cache. You could also try incognito to see if that changes anything.


If none of this helps, could you let us know if it's only the Chrome web-browser this happens with? That way we can find if it's Chrome or related to something else.


Let us know how it goes.


Have a nice day!

Yes, I tried clearing the cache but not incognito mode. I saw the problem in Chrome, Opera and Edge on different computers.

It is a problem with a specific *account*. I have created a new account (also Premium For Family) and it does not have the problem, even if I play the offending "stuck" tracks. With the new account I can cast to Google Home as expected.


It's a bit weird...

Absolutly the same here. 



- connected PC App (Windows 10)

- connected Laptop App (Windows 10)

- connected Android App (Huawei P20 Lite)

- connected iPhone App

- connected Amazon Fire TV Stick HD 


Every listed App was deinstalled, "log out all devices" was activated multiple times, and the web player was tested in Chrome, Firefox, on multiple devices and in incognito mode. 

Always the same result: the same and the same song was played with the status "you are Listienig on this device: PC xy", although Spotify has been deinstalled on this device. It´s not possible to choos "play on this device". Every click brings back the same song (System of a down by the way) and "you are Listening on this device: PC xy". 

Absolutely the same here. I can play any song through my phone, but as soon as i try to cast it pays the same song (Portugal - Feel it still). over and over and over!


The connect to device says "conecting"continously and states that Im listenening to spotify via my lap top


I have deleted all apps on devices, logged out, uninstalled it from my pc and deleted the cache in all of them. I have no idea what to do now, and I see there is no solution as yet! 



Same problem here with Spotify & Alexa:


What I did:

- Clear Cache, Clear App Data, reinstall on iOS

- Wipe Echo Plus (including all my Smart Home Stuff - Grrrr!)

- Completely uninstall Spotify on Win10

- Reset my Router

- Removed all Devices on Spotify Backend

- Removed all connected App


If I try to connect to my Alexas via Spotify Connect, it plays always the same song. If I try to play another song, it plays, but I still see the cover, artist name and title of the "stuck" song. The Progression Bar works, but do not move.


It definetly has to do something with your source-code. Trust me.



I went on here to ask for help. Apparently I'm not the only one. 

Also have the same issue here. Same songs keep playing and it's impossible to break the bug, tried all the same things listed here. 

I know, it's so annoying! How can we get actual live technical help from
spotify Staff?

Same problem, it´s something related with the account, If I use another account everything it´s fine...

If you use another account it works? 


I have just been with tech support for this issue and we tried absolutely everything, but no resolution! They even gave me a test log in to try and when I went in there I played a random song. Bingo, it worked.... Until.... I tried to skip the track. The first song then became the new "stuck" track. (only when casting to my Google home however, it works through the phone) 

Works again for me with Alexa and stuff. Seem to be fixed though.

Hey... just want to follow this thread, have the very same problem. 

I really hope, that there will be a solution soon. 😐


I am having the exact same problem - seems to also affect my other chromecasting apps, and bluetooth as well. Factory reset my Galaxy S7 to resolve, but now I see there is likely a bad Spotify update that is the culprit. Please fix this - it is driving me up the wall. I want to listen to my music via Spotify, but until this is resolved the app must go from my phone so that I can chromecast Netflix and bluetooth connect to my car's headunit.

I've just spent 2 hours in the chat support, and dispite an unbelievable amount of effort on the spotify support side, my issue is still not resolved.

The wierd thing is that even  when given a test account to use, the sticking problem persisted. Although the stuck song was a different one (the 1st one I selected at random). The test account then behaved exactly the same, couldnt skip, stop or disconnect from the Google home.


The technician then stated "all technical resolution options have been exhausted". And then redirected me to take the matter up with Google. 


I haven't done it yet, as the last unsuccessful tech chat took over 2 hours (he really did try everything I believe) and I simply haven't had the time yet. Ill keep you posted if any progress, please do the same as it's driving me nuts





For most of us it can be fixed by creating a new Spotify account.
IMHO it is nothing to do with Google. It is a peculiar interaction between the Web Player and Spotify Connect. 

I dont want a new account, I'll lose all my playlists! 


Its worrying that even  technical support can fix it, and that the problem persisted even with a new account (the spotify test account)


Does the spotify staff even read these threads? 

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