offline not working with Samsung Gear Sport


offline not working with Samsung Gear Sport


I run without my phone, using the Spotify app in offline mode with the Samsung Gear Sport.  The app is nearly useless; although my 200-song playlist is downloaded, it only shows the first 20 or so songs.  It often gets hung up where it stops playing altogether and I can't move forward or back through the list.  I've deleted and reinstalled multiple times and it doesn't help.  Has anyone else had this problem?


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Yes the same issue is still ongoing. I have found that to make it work I need to

1 clear offline cache

2 redownload playlist,

3 start playing a track from playlist,

4 go offline,

5 disconnect wifi on watch

6 turn off bluetooth on phone

This works 100% off the time but is clearly time consuming and frustrating.

All I have got from Samsung and Spotify is that when the phone connects to the watch by bluetooth or wifi it does a 'maintenance' similar to phone cache clean software which then corrupts the offline music files. Basically they blame each other for it not working effectively.

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Mine doesn't even play my offline playlists. It will play the first time I download, but afterwards it just shows the songs as downloaded but won't play them. It keeps saying it can't play offline,  but the songs have the green downloaded icon next to them. It's super upsetting because this was the main reason I bought this watch instead of an older version.


SAMSUNG or SPOTIFY please hear our voiceeee


I can't even get spotify to log in as I started the account through Facebook, and despite there being an option to log in via Facebook on the watch itself, I keep getting errors saying it is unable to login and check username/password, despite facebook sending me notifications that someone is trying to log in.... Samsung reps were unable to help as well 😞 


I have the same issue. Or similar. Last Monday I did a run. I downloaded before a playlist to the GS and it played well trought my BT headphone during the whole run.

Today 3 days later, I wanted to use same playlist in another run, but Spotify in my watch always said that Song is not available. Finally I've had to run without anu music..


I understand the GS is a few weeks out now and there are many bugs to be fixed. In my last update the GPS location improved importantly. Heart rate in my Monday run showed all time the same rate but today it worked. And now thus Spotify issue.


Hope Samsung IT guys can fix those key features asap.


Have the exact same issue and it’s getting worse. Now it plays for 1/2 a minute and silence- but voiceover keeps working through Endomondo. 


I've had similar issues.  I reverted to using the music player and Google play music, but even then I had to use a third party app to put the music in the Samsung gear app to transfer. What a pain, although It worked without problems when excerising

. The whole reason I wanted the watch was to use Spotify in the offline mode.  Clearly the app and everything else running at one time while exercising has it's issues.  I'm tired running and my music quits playing, it's about 99% of the time after the coach comes on stating pace, heart rate, etc.. Music doesn't come back on. Sometimes screen and buttons won't even respond, but the coach still works.  I'm about to just send it back and buy an Apple watch, as much as I don't want too, but Samsung Support was a joke. They told me to bring to Best Buy and get them to look at it, are they going to workout with my watch and play music at the same time.  From the few posts here, theres clearly an issue with the app and watch.  


So there are more than a few people who have this issue.  Is anyone from Spotify paying attention?


Having the same problem!

Probably 1 out of 5 times I go out for a run the Spotify will either:
1) Be limited to a small part of the fully downloaded playlist

2) Not play anything at all

(UI still works until i choose a song (it then shows me the albums art of the last song played without playing))


The problem normally goes away after connecting to wifi and resyncing.


After 29 days of it i find to unrealiable to use, so i will return it to the store as spotify was the main feature that made it stand out from it´s competitors. It is really a shame, as I was expecting way better from Samsung and Spotify.


Will follow this thread in hope of a fix that can make me consider buying it again.


Sorry to say, I'm also having the same issue. Today I went to the gym, started my playlist and then it just cuts out and won't play more than 5 secs of the first track. Also, for some reason, it believes the contents of that a playlist have changed when it hasn't. I have tried re-synching but its just hit and miss whether the offline playlist will play at all. As soon as the watch connects to WiFi, all works ok.

As many people have voiced, we parted with our hard earned cash for this exact feature. It's ruining my gym session, it's ruining my running session and I'm back to having to run or gym with my phone as the functionality is so unreliable. In the end, this is just a music player - how hard can it be to play the music it's downloaded - It works on every other device that I have Spotify on.


I develop software for a living and if my clients were complaining in their droves, I sure as **bleep** would get someone to look at the issue. Communication is everything. Even if the fix will take some time, at least somebody from Spotify / Samsung acknowledge there is an issue and put a response out that communicates someone is looking into it and when it might be fixed. At least then it will stop people from ditching what is a pretty decent SmartWatch and defecting to Apple or Android. Surely this is just basic customer support.

Thank in advance for any response




Hi all... I think I have a fix....maybe.... Have had same issue with new gear sport.


This is what I did. I assume you all have premium Spotify also....I don’t believe the app works without this level of membership.


log in to Spotify account on computer. Go to the set device password or similar. It will issue you with a device username number and an email to set up a password for this device. 


Use the new device username and password and hopefully should be worry free...hopefully. The device password / username is linked to your normal Spotify account with all playlists etc.


Hope this helps.

This is also what I ended up doing – getting a device password using my computer, then on the gear sport logging in to the normal spotify login, not the facebook one. I did have to delete and then re-download a few playlists but it seems to work fine now.
Having said that, I now appear to have a dead pixel so that’s another issue to worry about. Sigh.


Hey what 3rd party app did you use?



No third party app. Spotify app on watch.


I also have the same issues as all of you reported. I contacted the support team and Jerry S said he is here to help and that the development team will be notifed. So at least we know someone on the Spotify team is aware of this issue. He also said we will hear a formal response from someone on the team soon so everyone keep your eyes out for that. Let's hope we are closer to solving the issue!



Travandlyn - Thanks for the update. I assume you mean when you have previously logged in with a facebook account. I don't have a facebook account (I know, probably the only one on the planet) so I have always used a normal login. I'm pretty sure this was actually working at some point but has now become totally unreliable.

reiter444 - Thanks for this - Do let us know if they get back to you





Has anyone had a reply from Spotify on this issue?

I logged it with Samsung and they just told me to factory reset (the equivalent of have you rebooted your PC). They also said it was a 3rd party app so not much they could do which is rubbish considering the integration with samsung health and the main point of us buying the watch. I might drop Wareable or one of the other sites an email and see if they can get further!






I’ve returned mine - not working at all together with Spotify. Ordered the upcoming Garmin FR 645 Music instead. 



I had this problem and I just made a playlist of 150 songs and downloaded it to the gear sport while I was on Wi-Fi, then I set the spotify app on the gear sport to offline mode before I left the Wi-Fi. This solved my problem.It works fine for me now. However if I try to set it in offline mode while not on Wi-Fi the app freezes. 


Hope this helps. Good luck!


Hi Newbie,

Unfortunately, this does not work for me (and many others). It starts off ok and then 5 or 6 tracks in, it just stops working. I have no idea if the app is trying to read the music off the watch but most of the time it just stops. If I'm lucky I will be able to get it going by frantically pressing back/forward/pause/play - usually, I end up going back or skipping too many tracks. If I'm unlucky, I just won't be able to play any other tracks. Mostly, it interferes with my workout or run which given the limited time I have for these activities, is frustrating. As I said, in the end it's a music player and we've had these for years and they have worked fine - I still have my wheelie iPod with 80GB of music on and never had a single issue in playing music. What's frustrating for me is neither Spotify or Samsung are taking any ownership (maybe Spotify from the post above) so until I see a bug report and a fix timeframe, I'm thinking I have a very expensive watch that does not do what it says on the tin.


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