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The Countdown to Halloween: GHOST STORIES


The Countdown to Halloween: GHOST STORIES

Just when you thought you were rid of us...we're baaaaaaaack! 👻


We're keeping the spirit alive by bringing you more and more episodes to keep your teeth chattering and your skin tingling as we get closer to the 31st, so pop in your headphones and lock the doors...just try not to look behind you...




Episode 16 - Radio Rental


Radio Rental is BACK with a new selection of very scary, very true stories told by eye witnesses themselves. Hosted by the charismatic Rainn Wilson, this is one of the more tantalizing and inescapable shows out there right now. 


The Witch of Delray - Not Past It


In Detroit, in 1931, an immigrant woman was becoming well-known for all the wrong reasons. First, a murder accusation, then, people started suspecting something a bit more...occult. So, what do you think...are witches real?


Miniature Coffins of Arthur's Seat Pt. 1 - Unexplained Mysteries


It's been 200 years since 17 coffins were discovered in Scotland. No one has ever been able to figure out who they were, why they were there, or what they represented...until now. 


Two Dolls in the Basement - Scary Story Podcast


The Scary Story Podcast does just what it says on the tin; and could you expect any less? In this episode, "Two Dolls in the Basement", "Please Call for Help", and "Phantom Signals", all by Edwin Covarrubias. We don't want to spoil anything so...we'll leave the rest to your imagination. 


The Mad Doctor of Spokane - Astonishing Legends


A house exists deep in Spokane, Washington that is host to a storied and disturbing histories. Messy divorce, disappearances, secret tunnels, a mad doctor who had a penchant for experimental treatments and more. Many claim that a walk through Wilbur-Hahn manor will leave you hearing voices for days. 


Episode 183: Suffer the Children


Lore is all about dark, historical tales the world around. Often times, they're stories that you've heard of, or that seem predictable. However, it's often that the best stories are the ones that take sharp left turns; the ones that take you entirely by surprise. 


Sleepless Decompositions Vol. 5 - The NoSleep Podcast


The NoSleep Podcast has a benefit that not many other shows have-- it scours the infinite depths of the internet to find the most haunting and disturbing stories out there. In this episode, "Sunfall" by S.H. Cooper. 





Hmm, maybe we shouldn't have posted this one at's going to be tough to sleep. Ah well-- as long as we keep the curtains drawn and close the windows, we should be fine, right? 


Hey. What was that in the backyard? Did you see it too? We're going to check it out. Umm, can you leave some comments below about your favorite horror shows and episodes? If we don't respond...well, then maybe there was something in the yard after all.

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