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Family plan reset after payment paused

Family plan reset after payment paused

I've been subscribed for Spotify family for years. My card that was on file expired and I got an email yesterday saying my payment was declined, and I was downgraded to free. I thought when I updated my card info, my plan would revert back to family and all of my family members would be back. But that does not seem to be the case. I need to change my plan from premium to family, then re-add all of my family members. This seems like an oversight that should be fixed. If payment is paused, I can understand being downgraded to free...but I feel like once payment is restored, your account should revert back to the way it was. I shouldn't have to re-setup all of my family members. Thanks.

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Yo estaba pagando una cuenta familiar y hoy voy a actualizar el pago y me dice que se actualizó en plan individual, donde yo estoy pagando el plan familiar, necesito saber que solución me pueden dar

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