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Unable to verify address for Family Plan

Unable to verify address for Family Plan


I have been invited to be a member of a family plan. When I try to redeem the plan using the provided link, after I enter my address, I get an error saying:

" Unable to join you to this Family Plan. We have not been able to confirm thay you live in the same address as the main account owner"

This is very weird because I do live in the same address as the main account owner so I don't know why do I get this error.

Thanks and regards

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Same thing here, i think they are trying some thing like ip checking which would work if we all used it only at home on our own wifi.


They have moved me from premium to free without any real explanation which is quite heavy handed especially in the market that they are in.


You would have thought that their customer service would be better than this.


Dissapointed in Spotify.


Update : Family premium unverified accounts.


After lots of emails to support with lots of copy and pasted emails in return I gave up and created a brand new account.


That worked! I then got my sister to invite me for premium under the family account.(yes we live at the same address)


Then it was just a case of manually exported all my playlists from the old account and importing them into the new account.


So if this happens to you, I would suggest say its far simpler, quicker and less hassle to


A)Create a new account

B)Get the family administrator to add you're new account to the family

C)Export playlists from old account

D) Import all your playlists back into the new account

E) When and if support get back to you,  get them to shut the old account

You can do this yourself in minutes rather than fight through the customer support route as it took me weeks.


Hope this helps somebody else going through this hassle.




Ps Here is the final email ive get from spotify support (A real person cool!)


Hello Julian,

We apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

Under the terms of Spotify's Premium for Family offer, all users are required to live at the same address, which you provided to Spotify upon taking the Premium for Family offer.

From time to time, we ask members of a Premium for Family subscription to verify that they are in compliance with those terms. As you've been able to confirm all members of the plan live at the same physical address, we've made some changes backstage which should allow you to rejoin.

To do so, you'll need the Administrator of the Premium for Family subscription to reinvite you as a member. Once you accept the invitation, your Premium features will be restored.

If you prefer, we can transfer all the contents of jxxx to your new account, and close it afterwards. Just let us know which option you prefer.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions regarding this. We'll always gladly assist you.

All the best,


hello i also need a way to reinvite my members. there is noch explanation anywhere on Spotify

I think this is too much of a hassle. it could have been better if they just include a profile edit section here for the address because FAMILY doesn't mean you should only reside in one address. 


thanks, but still the new account suffers the same: They cannot verify the address. So I can not add this/any new account to my existing family account. Although I am paying for this since December and although it has been already working. Still wondering....

Thanks, Mathis


I have the same problem. Where did you write to to get that answer from this person from Spotify? I only find the option to write questions here.

Hey, same problem here. quick question, where in my premium account can i verify the address, i mean just to see if there is any typos or something?

Spotify support really sucks, I really wonder why they are still the most used music service.
I remember a couple of years ago when I had Grooveshark plus, they really had a fast and reliable support team.

It didn't work, it says that the email is already in use.

Hi have you got another email address e.g. Hotmail or gmail.

Try that. It won't let you use the same account twice.

Exact same problem. Thinking about cancalling Spotify alltogether.

How does one even contact Spotify- I'm having this problem myself. I'm the admin trying to add my brother who lives at the same address and it keep rejecting it based on address. I can't even manage to find where the address I saved was. Help!!

Through Facebook. They solved my problem instantly.

May I ask how did Facebook solved your problem?

Joe through facebook means going on Spotify page and asking for help. 

There are more than 10 spotify pages, I don't know which one should i send messages.

Limitações estupidas, e não tem ferramentas para auferir essa lamentável política, como amante da música vou procurar outro serviço que seja mais flexivel e contactar o meu parente titular da conta para fazer o mesmo, muito decepionado com o Spotify.

Do SpotufyCares, that is their facebook support and the only one that actually replies. 

This app is plain RUDE. Can not get support, can not verify address even though we live at same address. Do not want to continue making new emails to access premium. Why are we paying for this service if it is not provided. Is there anyone out there. Will cancel service if solution not found soon

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