What is the Rock Star Program?

Rock Stars are Community users who have proven themselves Spotify experts. They’ve helped countless users, posted great ideas, and shared their favorite music. We’re always looking for new Rock Stars, so click below to apply.

How do I join?

Click the I'M INTERESTED button if you’d like to apply. Once you’ve made enough good and helpful posts in Help or Content Questions you’ll get a private message from us with the next steps in the application process.

I'm Interested


When you're accepted into the Rock Star Program (RSP) you’ll start earning points for helping others.

These points are redeemable for rewards like Spotify Premium, headphones, speakers, t-shirts and more.

The Spotify Support Community Terms of Use apply to the Rock Star Program. Any nominations and rewards are based on quality of your responses (as decided by Spotify). Spotify might change rewards and the rewards system from time to time. Spotify may refuse or substitute any reward if you do not meet eligibility criteria, for example, you need to be an adult to receive travel rewards. Also, if you receive any rewards, please remember that you are liable for any applicable taxes, and rewards cannot be transferred or resold.