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Add Follow Button To Your Signature


Add Follow Button To Your Signature

This has been doing my head in, but I have finally found the solution


If you have been like myself and going to This Website to get the code (using an iframe)


then going to your Spotify Community Page > My Settings > Personal Profile > Personal Information, then pasting into > Signature and clicking "Save" anxiously awaiting that moment for that click to unvail your "follow button" in all its glory....


forget it! It doesn't work.


For the correct code Follow the information in this Guide then give yourself a pat on the back when you click the save button and it finally accepts the code which produces the desired affect!


I sure did


#breathingasighofrelief Smiley Very Happy

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I follow the steps but don't get the Spotify follow button in replies, just the hyperlink as shown here:

Spotify | Tumblr |


Sorry, I was seeing the post preview. Thanks a lot!


T H A N K Y O U!

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How do i do this it seems to not be working on mac!


Thank you, lets see if it works.

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This definitely works! Thank you.

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(Where Spotify URI is what you just copied. It looks something like spotify:user:usernamehere)

Thanks for the help! Sure helps the newbies like me.

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Thank you!

Thank you for posting this!

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Thank You.


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Hey guys, is it still possible to create a signature? When I open my Personal Information, I don't see any "Signature" field in the form. Just First Name, Last Name, Title, Location, Personal Web Page, Biography, and Private Notes. Do I miss something?




Sorry, I've already found out that my rank was too low. Solved. Please ignore my question. 🙂



This is a test to see if it actually works. 

I have the same issue!

Thank you for the clarification @CzechFencer

Did it?

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