Spotify set as Main Volume Control on Android

Spotify set as Main Volume Control on Android


My Spotify updated and am experiencing a problem with the app's volume control. My phone will only control Spotify Connect volume when app is running in the background. My laptop is currently playing music in Spotify. As soon as i plug a headset into my phone the music cuts out and plays on my phone. This is extremely annoying. Will consider moving back to Tidal to get rid of this. There is no point paying for Spotify if i cant use my phone as a remote.

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Experiencing same issue, then only way to stop it is to close the app and it doesnt always work.

before we had to get in the Spotify app to remotely raise the volume, that was good

this is extremely annoying

hope someone replies soon


It's absolutely annoying. When i listen Spotify on the phone over headphones the volume control btns controls the remote device, even if there is no remote device anymore.

Sind the latest update there are something wrong with the volume control handling. Pls take a look at it an fix it so that a human can be able to use and enjoy Spotify continue.



Ok new problem. So now spotify connect isnt using my phone's physical volume control to adjust the volume on wireless devices. It only works when the app is open. But while still playing music in the background, the volume control does not work. Really annoying

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