What If Spotify was a Person?

What If Spotify was a Person?


What if Spotify was a person? How would you describe its personality? What is the tone of its voice as it communicates with its audience? Please share your idea of Spotify the individual. 


Looking forward to hear from you all! 



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If spotify was a person...

I guess the personality would be 'patient,' as I always replay a certain song more than three times. 

For the tone, I guess I could say 'calm,' and I don't have any particular reason why I think that.



If spotify was a person, it would make sense if they chose to listen to me. As it is though...

Spotify the person would always be suggesting we go to parties but then be able to find and hang with whatever obscure attraction i wanted to visit.

Hip and knowledgeable, they would prefer to flex the former, which would make me not want to text back as often. Their voice would be similar to Michael Lessard's or Aleksandra Djelmash's. They would be 5'7" and a 8.4/10 on attractiveness scale. They might not always know how to start a conversation but it'd always end up memorable. They would prefer turtles to hockey.


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