in search for better alternatives ... and development

in search for better alternatives ... and development

Now:  Spotify.

Tomorrow:  ...


Another dying Dinosaur, is to be seen, around here ... just look around.


Angry/Frustrated customers - with logical questions and suggestions - that are being ignored by the Dinosaur.


And, the dying dino is... sorry to say this, but this is not my fault


Spotify!:  Which company do you think will take over, where you will be leaving the scene?

(if you don't start to be flexible, transparant, and user-friendly - in policy and user-friendliness)

- Starting from :

1) Flexible subscriptions:  Not only 1 month  (but also: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months).

2) Honest offers  (first on google, it says "3 months for 1 usd offer" ... whereas reality is: "3 months for 10 usd".


Again, many streaming services have died - and one heavy one of this kind, is soon to do the same, if it continues to annoy its supporters/payers!


(I, for one, have been avoiding Spotify - and I will of course "spread this message" and why - in order to assist my network in making a good decision).

(If Spotify surprisingly (being a giant Dinosaur), change course - and become customer-friendly! ... which I hope will happen, then you can still avoid dying).

(if not, then luckily we have in Denmark got quite a few better offers, that also are  user-friendly and flexible! ... which we will prefer, because they think about the customer! today!)

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