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When logged in where do I find the status of a scope extension request?

When logged in where do I find the status of a scope extension request?

I am unable to view the status of our Scope Extension request, we are preparing for a launch and need to confirm that it was submitted.

How do you view the status of the Quota Extension Request and confirm that it was properly submitted?

One of our team members believes that they submitted the request on January 26th however we are not able to verify it.

I have seen other threads asking similar questions but none that fully answer "if you submitted a request and want to view the status of it go here, if you do not see anything there then you did not properly submit a request and you should re-submit". Please help so that we can learn the status of our request or confirm that it was not properly submitted in which case we will re-submit
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Hey there, Welcome to the Community!! 😉


If you have submitted a Scope Extension Request on Spotify, you can view the status of the request by logging in to your Spotify account, then clicking on the "Settings" tab, then selecting the "Developer" tab, and then selecting the "My Requests" tab. Here you will be able to view all of the requests that you have submitted, as well as the status of each request. If you do not see your request listed, then it was not properly submitted and you should re-submit it or you can Contact the Spotify Support Team and they can assist you more.



Thank you for the input. Unfortunately I am not able to locate the tabs that you reference. When I go to settings I do not see a "Developer" tab. 

I am able to log into the Developer portal at and this will display to me some information, although there is no "Settings" tab on this interface and still no way to find the "My Requests" tab. 


Can you help to specify exactly which web url I should log into in order to see this? Thanks

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