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Payment failed in South Africa

Payment failed in South Africa




South Africa


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I have been trying for 3 months to get my subscription to work. I have tried everything in the help guide I have contacted the help chat and the tech support email, very nice people but unfortunately no one seems to be able to help with this issue. 


I was using an FNB Visa card in South Africa for over a year since Spotify got here. I got a new card from the same bank on the same account as the old one expired and I now have this problem. The card works everywhere else online except for Spotify and after looking online I see there are many that have had the exact same problem as me.


If anyone ever manages to get a fix for this issue please let me know on this thread.





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Hey there @baileyweiss,

thanks for posting !


Sorry to hear you're having an issue.

Please start with the steps provided here and let me know how it goes 🙂


Hey @baileyweiss,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this - sorry to hear you haven't been able to subscribe to Premium with your payment method!


You mention that you've been in touch with our Customer Support team. Do you mind letting us know whether they were able to look into this for you?


If not, or if you still have further questions, we'll make sure to follow up on your case.


Thanks! Keep us posted 🙂

No, they were not able to help I have to pay someone else to pay for my subscription. They tried everything from their side, and so did I on mine. The card works everywhere else online including other recurring transactions except for Spotify

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