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Artists Wanted No 2: Meet winner WARG


Welcome to edition No. 2 of the Artists Wanted series, where we, the Community Music Chat Team, invite Spotify's upcoming artists to share their newest releases and a bit about themselves.


Without further ado, let's welcome, from Zaragoza, Spain, our current winner:





Founded at the end of 2013, they had one idea in mind: create a new sound as a fusion of several ingredients they love, including Thrash Metal, mixed with the epic of classic Heavy Metal, and the aggressiveness and melody of Nordic Extreme Metal.



That's a very interesting mix of genres. The vocals reminded me of Sepultura's Max Cavalera, yet, later on, more Melodic Metal components are introduced. I also heard some electronic elements in the song you submitted. What made you decide to include them?


True. Our new project The Endless Travel is about a science fiction dystopic story. This type of elements make our idea more realistic for the story and the music of that project.


This new project is a concept album?


Yes. We'll do 9 chapters, for all 9 songs of this science fiction story.


Concept albums are great because you need to listen to them from start to finish to follow what happens. How does Alone fit into the story?


Alone is our first song, or our first chapter, and explains that the Sun's faded out millennia ago. Humanity expanded through the galaxy, colonizing new worlds. In the beginning we searched for intelligent life forms but, after centuries of fruitless efforts, their existence was discarded... We were alone.




That's a very promising starting point! It's such a departure from your previous releases. What made you go in that direction?


We came from a dark aesthetic theme which is what we did with Dark Tales. We wanted to do something based on a futuristic society, science fiction, dystopia, etc.

For this reason we chose to start with a fiction story, and the development of some events that result in the 9 tracks that The Endless Travel has.


I've noticed that you're releasing this project song by song, which makes it truly episodic, almost like a podcast, perfect for streaming. Can you tell me how Spotify has contributed in your development as a band?


Spotify is an amazing platform, both in design, in contribution, and support to the bands. Over the years, it has allowed us to be anywhere in the world with a lot of interaction with the followers. That's very important for us.


We use many tools to basically see our catalog, total plays, information of who listens and from where, playlist in which we are included, and more. From our Spotify for Artists profile we found the Community, and a little later - this contest.


Any opportunity to show our songs to a wider audience seems like a good idea to us.



And now you're a winner! Many thanks to @WargMetal for having this little chat with us, and submitting their new project for us to listen. Remember, Artists Wanted continues, so feel free to send us your music!