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How Rock Stars Improve the Community with Ideas




Hello, I'm Matt. I've been an active member and Rock Star in the Spotify Community for the last 8 years. I wanted to talk about the Rock Star Program and how we improve the community with our ideas.


Spotify Rock Stars are super users who are passionate about helping other users and sharing their knowledge. To learn more about the Rock Star Program you can read this article and head on over to the Rock Stars section of the community to join.


Rock Stars visit the community daily to help out users and from time to time we notice how something in the community can be improved. This is where the private Community Ideas section comes into play. The Community Ideas section is only for Rock Stars and it is a place where we can effect change in the community by posting ideas we have. Other Rock Stars can get involved by voting and leaving feedback on their favorite ideas.


Recently I was browsing the Spotify Community help boards and I got a little frustrated with how the different sections were organized in the list and in the menu. Over the years new sections were added and reorganized and I thought the current ordering just didn't look right. I created an idea in the Community Ideas section to get the order improved and asked other Rock Stars to vote for it and provide their feedback if they agreed. Several days later, the help board sections were organized in the order I suggested. It feels great to know that Spotify listened to our feedback and changed because of our feedback.


Say hello to the new Help order:


This is just one of the many changes to happen to the Spotify Community over the years thanks to the ideas from Rock Stars.


Spotify also has a public Ideas Exchange for users where you can suggest ideas to Spotify and vote on suggestions from other users.


Here are some of my favorite songs about change: