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In Our Headphones

In Our Headphones: June 2022






Hi everybody,


Summer is here and so is our music mix for June. As we all know, nobody sleeps in the summer, so we've got songs for lying in the sun and for dancing under the stars, or just chilling next to the camp fire. The mix is as colorful as the coral reef.


Let's dive in!


First, we have the banger recommended to us by @Dian. The song is called Hearts on Fire by HammerFall.

"Long time ago this song made me buy a wireless keyboard so I can rock it on Guitar Hero. Now eagerly awaiting to experience HammerFall live in a few months has made me put this song on repeat."


After we've set our hearts on fire, following the warm summer winds we land in sunny Greece, where we can cool off next to the sunny seaside. 


Eline kai Edena by Nikos Kourkoulis

"Because summer, mint liqueur, ouzo and a big, big Greek salad are also a few days away." 


The last song from Dian is, as he says: "The best song to start the day with".


Alles neu by Peter Fox


Next up we've got the recommendations from our lovely @Elena.


"First song I've listened to a lot is  Forgive myself by Griff - I was fortunate enough to see Griff perform it live and after that it's been stuck in my head. It was definitely one of the tracks that got the crowd to sing their hearts out and the energy around was indescribable.

 Forgive myself by Griff 

Another on-repeat track is in preparation for a festival I'll be attending at the end of this month. Worms by Viagra boys is a weird tune that would fall in the category "Nice melody, but what on Earth are these people saying?''

Worms by Viagra boys


Diving deeper into the deep of lyrics and material for thought, we've got a pick from @Mario.


Beauty died by Whispersinyahead

"Just one of my favorite songs as of lately, or anyways, since it got released (not too long ago): moving, soothing tune with meaningful lyrics encouraging self-healing. Ideal for those late-night listening sessions, when you look into the sky and feel yourself while getting lost in the stars, deeply thinking."


I've added a few sprinkles of music into the mix as well. First up we've got oops! by Young Gravy. I hear this track on my headphones one morning after a party and I literally stayed in front of my apartment building dancing and laughing at 6 AM.


After this we've got a track from Sofi Tucker and Kaela called Spiral (Remix). You've most likely heard this one, but I love when they play it at random in a shop or bar.


And finally, a song from the newest album by Harry Styles. The song is called Matilda and it made me cry when I heard it. Hope it gives you the feels too!



Enjoy the mix folks!


... and keep rocking! 🎸