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#MusicMonday Review - January 2022


#MusicMonday is the hashtag I've been using for quite a while to share music recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, trying to look for trends before they become one. You can check December's review for more music.


Welcome to 2022! The new year brings us the opportunity to start over, and listen to different views of the world, and the reality we all live in. Let's have a listen, with a word from the artists themselves. 🎧


The Super Moons – Compassion




If I could be you, and you could be me

would we see things differently?

I'd like to believe that you could see

that people like me

we're alright


The first track of the year comes from Edinburgh, Scotland for an Indie track that asks questions we should all try to answer ourselves. Do you believe in compassion for everyone?

"As I recall it was a conscious decision to write a song about being nice rather than being angry or upset about things. I had an idea about what it would be like to be in the shoes of someone with polar opposite views on issues like poverty and wealth. Could I understand them? I don't think there was anyone specific in mind though."




Joeys – Cold Water



Sum of all the weight,
Some of all mistakes,
Bound by revelation,
Everything’s ok,


10000 hours
50000 plans
Practically friends
Practically the end


Keeping the Indie Rock vibe, let's move now to Liverpool, England for a song with a catchy chorus that truly invites you to sing along, specially if you relate to the relationship it describes:


"The track is very much centred around a period of time. Definitely inspired by life events.


We were jamming in the practice room and I had lyrics already, I diversify the process of writing lyrics depending on whether it’s myself who writes the melody and rhythm. The lyrics fit the music and away we went. It’s centred around discomfort in a short term relationship, it’s got sexual undertones. Speaks to a feeling of being exhausted by someone too. It’s got a few different meanings."




REOT – Maldita Canción


Hoy estoy con vos, tal vez mañana no
¿Quién sabrá de nuestro destino?

Y yo te miro a vos y trato de pensar
¿Quién nos unió?, ¿quién nos unió?
Simplemente yo, te trato de decir
Lo que te extraño mi amor, lo que te extraño.

Simplemente vos y yo
Recorremos varios planetas sin conocer tus metas.

Catchy Bassline? Check. Drum Solo? Check. Piano, Trumpet, and Guitar Solos? Check, check, and check! From Buenos Aires, listen to this jazzy Argentinian Rock extravaganza:


"Cursed Song is the story of a character who lives the full dispute between what is good and evil, yin and yang! His devil, and his angel. He's involved in schizophrenia and his non-decisions recount his day to day.


With those modern and vintage tones accompanied by jazz, gives the track something old to relate, but with a 2021 sound."




SUNHILL – Golden Days




No need to clean your pools
No need for gardening rules
No fun within my town
Green leaves return to brown

Sold all my things today
Cause things never go my way
All times we’d never seen
Got few and far between

From Borgholm, Sweden comes a feel-goody Garage Punk song, except it may be the most gloomy feel-good you can find. Make no friends, and don’t celebrate too long:


"The lyrics were written as a reaction to everything you hear on the news. About a doom and gloom future of virus outbreaks, climate change, political fragmentation and mental health problems, which can make any hope of having golden days feel far away."




Blaze Project – A Mile to Go




But I have so many questions...


Our last stop of the month is Quebec, Canada, for a Pop Rock tale of asking questions that may not have an answer, yet could be part of a soul searching journey to self-belief:


"The song deals with the subject of a person abandoned by his mother who on the way to meet him in the last mile, wonders if it is the right thing. A very beautiful melody and emotional music."




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