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20th century Revolution


• This year marks the 50th anniversary of the separation of The Beatles, who were, in my opinion, the musical revolution of the previous century. Since December 2015, their music's been on Spotify for everyone to enjoy.




April 2020 Revolution


• Ok, so the word 'revolution' might be a little strong, but to me this is huge news...

• Spotify has started rolling out an unlimited library experience, meaning they're removing the limit on saved items in a user's library!

• This affects liked songs, and liked albums!



A bit of history:

• Since 2014, the request to remove this limit has been very popular in the Community Ideas Exchange, with over 12,500 votes.

• Before now, it was only possible to save 10,000 items in your Spotify library.

• Once you hit the limit, a message said "Epic collection my friend. There's no more room in Your Library. To save more, you'll need to remove some songs or albums".


What it will change:

• Save, save, save!

• This makes it possible to save songs, and albums on Spotify to your heart's content.

• Avid Spotify users like me will no longer have to curate their Library, or remove songs before adding new tracks.

• This also avoids that anxious feeling that appears when you're deciding whether to save full albums, or select single tracks in anticipation of the 'epic collection my friend' pop up.




• Can I like/save as many songs, and albums as I'd like? : yes

• Does this impact the offline listening limit? : no

• Spotify users are able to download 10,000 songs on 5 different devices for offline listening.

• Can I add as many songs as I'd like to a playlist? : no

• This doesn't impact the current limit of 10,000 items in a playlist.

• If you're still getting the limit message, don't worry. You'll get the new experience soon!