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20th century Revolution


• This year marks the 50th anniversary of the separation of The Beatles, who were, in my opinion, the musical revolution of the previous century. Since December 2015, their music's been on Spotify for everyone to enjoy.




April 2020 Revolution


• Ok, so the word 'revolution' might be a little strong, but to me this is huge news...

• Spotify has started rolling out an unlimited library experience, meaning they're removing the limit on saved items in a user's library!

• This affects liked songs, and liked albums!



A bit of history:

• Since 2014, the request to remove this limit has been very popular in the Community Ideas Exchange, with over 12,500 votes.

• Before now, it was only possible to save 10,000 items in your Spotify library.

• Once you hit the limit, a message said "Epic collection my friend. There's no more room in Your Library. To save more, you'll need to remove some songs or albums".


What it will change:

• Save, save, save!

• This makes it possible to save songs, and albums on Spotify to your heart's content.

• Avid Spotify users like me will no longer have to curate their Library, or remove songs before adding new tracks.

• This also avoids that anxious feeling that appears when you're deciding whether to save full albums, or select single tracks in anticipation of the 'epic collection my friend' pop up.




• Can I like/save as many songs, and albums as I'd like? : yes

• Does this impact the offline listening limit? : no

• Spotify users are able to download 10,000 songs on 5 different devices for offline listening.

• Can I add as many songs as I'd like to a playlist? : no

• This doesn't impact the current limit of 10,000 items in a playlist.

• If you're still getting the limit message, don't worry. You'll get the new experience soon!





I saw the announcement and just had a chance to re-test on my PC Desktop App. I hope the roll-out gets to me soon because I still get the "epic collection..." message. Maybe a location thing? Is it updated and working for any other Canadians here? thx




"This doesn't impact the current limit of 10,000 items in a playlist."


Hang on, what the $%^$!


Finely you listen to community!

I already wad need to create playlists for each year and it's sucks


This is a definite improvement BUT is no help to those of us who operate our library based on artists, not albums or songs. There is still the limit/bug that when you follow "too many" artists, previously followed artists randomly disappear from your library and in some cases are totally unfollowed. This has been going for years, I've raised bug reports, voted on community suggestions, dropped and recreated accounts (at Spotify Support's suggestion), tweeted and generally made as much noise as I can about this, but it's still happening.  It's hard to put into words how frustrating it is to refollow a band for the 50th+ time 'cos Spotify has arbitrarily unfollowed them again because I had the audacity to follow another band.


Update: Now posted in this thread



I have the same problem with artists.


It's great news that Spotify has removed the 10,000 library limit for songs and albums, but what about artists? If you follow more than 1,000 artists, the artist section of your library becomes incomplete and unusable and it breaks the follow buttons on artist pages. You should be able to follow an unlimited amount of artists too.


In early 2019 the artists section of library was updated so that only followed artists would now show up in the section. Following artists worked just fine before this and it had no impact on the library. Ever since early 2019 when the new updated library system rolled out on desktop and mobile, the mobile app and desktop app "artists section" only shows some of the artists I am following. However, on the desktop app it shows I am following 2,300 artists like it's supposed to show when I go to my Spotify profile, but when I go to a lot of those artist pages in the mobile app it shows that I am not following them like it does show I am following them when I view the artist pages on desktop. There seems to be an issue with the mobile app having a separate "followed artists" database than the desktop app uses when going to the artist pages to see if you follow them. Another issue is it seems the library "artists" view doesn't show all of the artists you are following. If you count them you'll see a lot missing and it's less than the number shown on the "following" list when you go to your Spotify profile page. Artists that I have saved music from are not showing up. I only follow artists I have saved music from. So it isn't a problem of the artist doesn't show up because I haven't saved any music from them, I have saved music from them. Support wasn't very helpful solving this for me either when I contacted them several times. Using a test account I was able to reproduce the problem. So "artists" library section and artist pages on mobile only recognizes a small amount of followed artists and if you try to follow a new artist in the mobile app it doesn't save it. Solution for now is to only manage artists (follow and unfollow) using the desktop app. If you go to an artist page in the mobile app and follow it, Spotify will show you are following that artist, but when you restart the mobile app it's gone. Have to follow/unfollow artists from the desktop app. The artists library section and artist pages in the mobile app are not functional right now for people who follow a few thousand artists. Can Spotify please allow unlimited following of artists in library too and not just songs and albums? Following a few thousand artists means only some of them show up in library and sometimes will show you not following them when you go to their artist page.


TL;DR: If you follow more than 1,000 artists, some artists you follow won't show under "artists" section in Your Library in the desktop and mobile apps. The follow button on artist pages in the mobile app becomes broken. So even if you follow an artist, the mobile app will show you are not and it won't save any new follows. Solution is to only follow or unfollow artists using the desktop app.


It's confusing to explain but hopefully you understand what I'm talking about. The screenshots do a good job at showing what's going on.


Screenshots below (note: this happens to many artists not just the one shown)












Mobile (iOS):