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Spotify launches Loud & Clear


Hello everyone!


As you can read in the title, Spotify launched "Loud & Clear". This microsite aims to share more info on how the music industry economics and artist payment works. This is one of the hottest topics around the music industry at the moment and there are many different points of view on this.


However, many of us don't really understand how royalties and artist payment work. There are many factors to take into account regarding this topic, and it's important to know the details in order to have a complete perspective. For this reason, Spotify will address key issues in this site, such as Spotify's role in the music industry, understanding how artists get paid, the value of 1 million streams, or the number of artists making a living on Spotify.


Hopefully, this website will begin a constructive conversation, give us an insight into the available facts and information, and help clear things up around this topic.


Make sure to check out Loud & Clear here to read all this info. You can also learn more about this microsite in this For the Record announcement.


Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments 🙂