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Playlist Folders: how do you use them?

Playlist Folders: how do you use them?

One app feature that I love is playlist folders! I've got countless of playlists, made by friends, made by Spotify, found on the Community and folders make it easy to organise and keep track of everything that's in my library. 


I tried to make categories of all kinds of playlists that I have, and gave them a name and put an emoji in front of them to easily find what I'm looking for.


Here's how it looks on my desktop:



What is your best tip to use playlist folders? I'm curious how you all organise your libraries. 🙂


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😍 I love playlist folders! They make everything neatly organized!


Also, did you know in the new mobile Your Library view you can pin playlist folders to the top of the list?


Check out a walkthrough of the new mobile Your Library view


You can learn how to make playlist folders here:


Playlist folders

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Now if only you could add pictures to folders so my entire library isn't the default folder icon



I agree, that would be a great feature!


You can vote for it here:

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Thanks for this amazing helping community.

Cool 🙂 Playlist Folders

Each week I create a Playlist Folder e.g. Week 1, Week 2 etc.


I then spend the week browsing through the Discover Weekly, Release Radar etc. and when I find something new or that I like I drag it into the folder.


However, since the recent update the playlists created no longer display the Artist, just the Album Name so it is messing me up.



The way I use the folder is just to better organize my playlist and prevent clutter in the sidebar... folder like DOPE, it's where I put all my main playlists. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 4.42.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 4.42.48 PM.png

Cool thread, @Hubo!


I currently have four playlist folders, which are differentiated according to playlist creator: the first folder is for playlists created by Spotify users other than myself, the second folder is for playlists created by Spotify (including Spotify’s editorial playlists and “Made for you” playlists), the third folder is for playlists that I’ve created but haven’t set public, and the fourth folder is for genre-themed playlists specifically created by The Sounds of Spotify.




I find this way of organizing playlists to be especially useful when I would like to find a playlist that I’ve saved to my library and know who created it, but not its playlist name.



AdamDamSpotify Star
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I used to have loads of folders, generally if an artist had more than 5 albums I'd put them in a folder. However since the last change, I refuse to call it an updgrade, to the UI these have disappeared from my desktop app.

Soy una obsesiva del orden y lo reflejó hasta en mis carpetas de música, en el caso de Spotify, yo clasifico la música de la siguiente manera:


1. PLAYLIST PÚBLICAS: Es una carpeta destinada a aquellas playlist que pongo al alcance de mis seguidores las cuales tiene música cuidadosamente seleccionada para cada una de las listas según sea el artistas, género o simplemente mi estado de ánimo.

2. PLAYLIST OCULTAS: En esta carpeta se encuentran aquellas playlist que fueron creadas con el único propósito de guarda música que está en espera de encajar en alguna playlist pública, también almacenó canciones que fueron de ocasión y que jamás volveré a escuchar y gustos culposos.

3. COLABORACIONES: Tengo amigos con los que cree playlist colaborativas y en esta carpeta las almaceno para no extraviarlas.  

4. DISCOVERY AND TOP: Aquí almacenó playlist que spotify crea entorno a mis gustos o incluso las listas que crea para conmemorar lo más escuchado durante el año y también contiene todas aquellas listas como "Daily mix" que el algoritmo de la app me recomienda.

5. PLAYLIST AJENAS: Contiene aquéllas playlist que son de amigos o de otros usuario y aquí las guardo para escucharlas después y verificar si hay algo interesante en esas listas. MIS CARPETASMIS CARPETAS

6. THIS IS: Por último y un tanto obvio en esta carpeta guardo las recopilaciones más interesantes de ciertos artistas. 


Y eso es todo, me gustaría seguir a más personas y conocer sus playlist, les dejo mi perfil, espero me sigan y seguirlos de vuelta, gracias.

Playlists are also my favorite feature in Spotify. I do a lot of playlist making as this weird side hobby of mine. Mostly for writing inspiration or character-themed playlists for my Dungeon and Dragons campaigns!

I had no idea you could add emojis for them though, I'll have to give that a try! 



Playlists are the best thing to ever happen 🙂

Well, you can use also it with Musconvtool.

Good tips on this topic here:

the playlist folders are one of the greatest updates in spotify because you can organize all thanks to it , especially when you got some old playlists that you don't use them anymore and they keep showing everywhere

Ok, it's my first time here and you REALLY helped me already! I didn't know I could create folders! I have so many playlists and now, thanks to your post, I can organize them much better. Thanks!

Hey @Hubo

Great topic! I organize my lists the same way. My favourite thing that I do is make a monthly playlist which is updated every month on first of each (I am guilty of releasing Aprils today though...oops!). I also archive each month now and create subfolders for each year. I have one particular playlist that if its "liked" it will be updated for those who follow it and they will have that new playlist each month if they revisit it 😉 Here it is:

My one question is...How do you add the emjoi's on desktop? I can't seem change the folder name through my mobile app either. Thanks for letting me know!

How do I set up more than one category of nested folders?

Can I save a playlist in more than one folder, or do I have to copy it first?

Say I want different hierarchies for Composer, Conductor, Orchestra?  Or DDD, ADD, AAD mastering, even though that info is missing on Spotify?  The same playlist can and should show up in more than one folder.  

I've been searching for cool Niche mixes and organising them by folder. Pretty neat!

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