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Playlist changes don't synchronize between devices

Playlist changes don't synchronize between devices

Since 21 June, I have noticed this problem. 


Moving the position of a track within a playlist does not sync. Nor do track additions after having created the playlist.


Track deletions do work though. 🤔

Reinstalling the iOS app appears to temporarily fix this issue. I have subsequently done clean re-installs on macOS and iOS without getting a resolution.

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I've seen facing the same issue on Android and Window since Jun 21.

I've been having the same issue for the last week or so, with it getting worse in the last couple of days.


Prior to this issue all I had to do was close the mobile app and re-open it and new playlists/folders would appear. Starting a week ago, closing and re-opening failed to sync the new playlists to my iphone, though logging out then back in would get them to appear.


Now since yesterday, logging out no longer fixes the issue, and a clean install of the ios app is the only way for my new playlists to appear on my phone. This is an unacceptable fix for me since I have approximately 600+ playlists downloaded, and it removes all my local files I put in the Spotify files folder.

Same for me. My Android phone doesn't fully sync with my Windows PC. Some playlists are missing.


I have same issue. For example, I've added new playlists to a folder, but It didn't synchronised with Android. I use primarily desktop at home. I don't know, how to deal with It.


There is similar problem on Android's versions of Spotify.

I've deleted from app settings Spotify's data and playlist appears. Unfortunately, I'll download everything as before. It'll be good to update Spotify as soon as possible.

Thank You.

Yeah, or can help for example on Android, remove data from app, but It is temporary solving. I've described It too on this topic.





Device, OS

Samsung Galaxy A5, Android 7.0

I've written It here again, because I've written bad informations one day a go. I've used new version of Spotify.

This issue sounds similar to another one reported that we believe was resolved. Are you having the same experience (that it is now resolved)?

It seems to be fixed for me, my Android phone does fully sync with my Windows PC and vice versa now.

I've seen in the last weeks that there is a sync issue between my desktop app and the mobile app. I've added a playlist to my favorites in the desktop but it's not displayed in the app.

This doesn't happen the other way round

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