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Tracks showing the wrong cover art


Tracks showing the wrong cover art

Hey there folks,


We're getting multiple reports from users stating that album/tracks artwork is being replaced with playlist/compilation track artwork. This is being investigated.

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Have you tried a clean reinstall of Spotify?

I just reinstalled and will try tonight when i get into my car.

Does the issue only happen when listening in your car?

I'm actually still having this issue with a select few songs. Not a problem, but figured I'd point it out.



Hi all, I can confirm the issue is ONLY with the Asus Zenphone 9. I have tried with various iphones and the latest Samsung S23 Ultra and i dont have the issue. So its definitely something to do with the zenphone's bluetooth policy or something. Its not a spotify issue or Mercedes.

Looking back at this, it was actually kinda funny. Some of those fake album covers were just awful 🤣

has this problem been fixed yet? this is what shows when i play caroline, no by the beach boys (from the 40th anniversary version of pet sounds) lately which is well and truly miserable, is there any way to get back the original album art?


This isn't a solution though? If you go to the actual single the original album artwork is there. It isn't actually gone! So it should still show up when I play the song.







iPhone 14

Operating System

iOS 17


My Question or Issue

This problem has been happening to me since I installed iOS 17 beta, i've tried uninstalling Spotify and redownloaling the Local Files themselves and the problem continues there.

I've downloaded the iOS 17 now and the problem does not go away.

This problem always happened to me on my PC but it didn't bother me so I just ignored it.

I've noticed that the cover art shown whenever I play the track is a random cover that I use on another track that exacly matches the same album and artist.

If you guys need more input i'll be happy to help.

Thank you.


Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro

Operating System

Android 12

My Question or Issue

so basically this mini player (or whatever its called) in notification bar shows the album cover of the previous track, it happens randomly, sometimes it shows the correct album art for some reason. i thought the problem was with this stupid xiaomi version of android, but so far this problem only happens with the spotify app

En el reproductor del celular sale una portada totalmente diferente a la de la canción que seleccione.

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