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What's up with this new desktop UI?


What's up with this new desktop UI?



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I don't know where else to post this, but the new desktop UI is terrible. I'm running version and have tried the methods to revert the UI I've found elsewhere in the community (like changing prefs file, which I had to dig for), but none have worked.


The UI is just the complete opposite of what I'd want on desktop- very noncompact, difficult for no reason, and generally looks to be modeled more for phones than for a desktop.


If anyone knows a way to revert the update, please let me know.

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I'm afraid I have to agree with everyone else's comments here. The new update has made Spotify folders so difficult and cumbersome to navigate. I like to change the order of my playlists within a folder daily and, before, this was just a matter of dragging them to where I wanted them. Now I have to go to "Custom Order" and fiddle about with it until it decides to work. Also, I don't like not being able to see the playlist covers displayed to the right of the side bar. It just looks messy and is much more difficult to navigate.

The new UI sucks:

- The playing cover art is OVER the playlists list hidding content behind it.

- I can NO LONGER SORT MY PLAYLISTS BY MY CUSTOM ORDER. Current workarround is renaming  alfabetically like 1<text> 2<text> to achieve my custom order.

I believe they don't use the product that they design.


I can't certainly find any explanation for this awfull UI. 

Agree. Missing "custom" order is just a MUST-HAVE. 


There are more problems with this UI, but the playlist ordering is the #1 issue.

THANKS @MattSuda


But the best solution would be to fire all the employees who created this new UI and to revert the changes.

If you fix the album art, I think I could enjoy this new UI in the future.


There's been a dramatic reconfiguration of the desktop app that unfortunately went live today. The new playlist folder sections take a long time to load and open up. Not as easy to jump in and out as before. Def a lot more cumbersome and complicated than previously. I WISH we had a choice to accept these changes and not feel held hostage to the constant changes to the interface, location of features etc. Incredibly frustrating for a regular user...

man, i sure do love when a service that i'm using changes their ui and doesn't allow me to change it back, gj spotify!

I would change your library view to compact, it might alleviate it a little.
But I agree, these constant changes are always poorly implemented and certainly never feel like its directed by community interest. It would be nice if all these redesigns didn't feel like they were drafted in a coloring book and enforced on us.

Hi @paul606


The sidebar is a change that has been slowly rolling out to users over the past month.


Here's how to get it as close as possible to the old sidebar:


In the left "Your Library" sidebar, click on the "Playlists" filter.


Then, in the sort drop down select "Custom order". You will then see your previous playlist order and be able to reorganize your playlists (move playlists and folders like before)


Your current preference will be remembered each time you start up the Spotify desktop app.


If you would like to only see text in the Your Library sidebar, go to the Spotify app Settings ---> Library ---> and select "use compact library".


You can also drag the left sidebar to different sizes, as well as fully expand the sidebar by clicking the arrow button, and fully collapse the sidebar by clicking on the "Your Library" heading.





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I've seen a lot of hate towards the new desktop UI, but I for one am a fan. Although the old (or current for me, now) was more compact, I feel like the new UI brings a bit more color with it, where the old one felt kinda bland to me. And the layout of the new UI, I fell, is also an improvement. I had the new UI for a like a day or two, but then it was removed for me, not long ago. And I sorta want it back, not gonna lie. Oh, and to be sure that we are talking about the same new UI/Interface, I'm posting a screenshot of it here:




Since the last update the lay-out of the library has changed, it now resembles the mobile library. But this is a problem for me because I have A LOT (191 atm) of playlists organised in folders. Now if you click on a folder it takes you to a new menu and you can't see the other folders anymore. It is a big problem for me because this will inourmously increase the time of me looking for the right playlist to put a list of new songs in and scrolling and clicking to multiple menu's... The old minimalistic version was way better (even though it obviously doesn't look as good, but I prefer function)

Could there be an option to change this in the settings? Or can I change to an older version?

I loved the new interface but because I saw it on my friend's pc but mine is still on the old one even updating and reinstalling the app, can you tell me why?

I so love this consistent choice to bury convenient and intuitive features into 3 obscured layers of drop down menus.

I have found out about the "compact" mode you can find in the settings, but this still is worse than before the update:
- I can't put anything in the order I want, unless I click only playlists. But yet... I still don't have absolute freedom because I can't change the place of my liked songs and local files... I also can't sort my artists and albums. This way I can never again get used to where all the lists are placed...

Agree 100% I could cope with all the previous intrusive mobile changes and the home page garbage, but interfering with the core desktop experience is really hitting badly after nearly 10 years


It's likely very difficult to deliver these impressive UI redesigns between nappie and snackie time so I'll cut them some slack.

The whole thing looks really boxy and clunky and it doesn't fit at all. The old interface was so much smoother and nicer. One major thing I'm annoyed about is i cant rearrange my playlists in my order along the side anymore. I made dud playlists as my category names and arranged each of my playlists underneath each one and it looked really good. Now my playlists cant move and the fact they have the icons on them now makes them look large and out of place rather than the small and neat ones they had before. Also having everything in their own separate boxes with black outlining the whole thing makes it look like Spotify was trying to fit the "trends" of TikTok and every other app. Spotify stood out before and was the main music app that many people used, but its becoming too much like the others and people are soon going to move onto better ones. Even other the small things like the interface changing. 

This is TERRIBLE. 

This is the equivalent to changing out my amplifier without consulting me. A massively different way to control and view my years long cultivated content. 


Why can't you simply give us a view option? Having over 400 playlists, this is disastrously complicated to navigate. And it's ugly. 



New update is a an awful experience. Way too many changes. Terrible organization. Clunky, chunky, visually confusing. 


I never thought I'd say it, but this might be it. Looking into Tidal or Apple after this gross update. 

GIVE US A VOICE or at least the option to accept these updates. 

This new UI is horrible. Did they hire a Mobile UI designer to design an interface for the desktop? Everything is MASSIVE and it is gross. And then for mobile they hired an ex tiktok employee? Why? Stop trying to be 'hip and modern' and just be easy to use and functional!

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