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Your 2023 Wrapped feedback thread

Your 2023 Wrapped feedback thread

Hey there,


Once again, the long awaited Wrapped experience is here! We value the feedback that we receive everyday from our users, so we want to hear all your thoughts on this year's Wrapped:


  • How is your Wrapped experience going?
  • What did you like about it?
  • What did you not like about it?


Can't see your 2023 Wrapped? Check out this guide.


If you're having any kind of technical issue with your Wrapped experience, make sure to create a separate thread in our Help Boards. This will help us keep the reports and the feedback in separate and relevant places.


In addition to this, you can find the Wrapped 2023 FAQ here.

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885 Replies

ich kann nicht mein Jahresrückblick sehen 

i want a recount, this is wrong 😠

My wrapped top artists has 2 which I’ve never listened to

Hello! I can view my Spotify Wrapped 2023, but i can't see "wrapped mapped" and genre in the ending story


Is there any way I can see my Spotify retrospective on my account? I always play while listening to music, I wanted to know 








All devices

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue

Why is my wrapped in russian language? To say I don't appreaciate it would be an understatement. My spotify was never in russian, my broser was neve in russian,

I listen to a lot of anime rap and j-division and I think a collective franchise I actively listen to on a daily basis may have been excluded from wrapped somehow? Other analytics through the entire year had various songs and artists under the Hypnosis Mic (ヒプノシスマイク) series and on my wrapped not a single one showed up, not even in the top 100. Hypnosis Mic -D.R.B- (Fling Posse) was my top artist 3 years in a row and I still listen to them nearly every day and they weren’t even in my top 100 songs. Almost every other fan on twitter was saying the same thing. I’m mostly bummed because they had several album releases this year I was excited to see stacked up in my listening history, and also it just kind of sucks for the artists themselves to be excluded like that

It says I listened to some track of Akon 81 times and Chill House is my main genre? I dont even know the track plus I listen to Metall and Techno in 90% of the times?

My wrapped didn’t give me a streaming habit, is there something I can do to get it 






Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I have just went through my Spotify wrapped, and at some point, it gives you the option to get a playlist with your favorite songs of the year. So i choose to get the playlist, and now that i am looking at it, i see, that some of the songs are wrong. Two of the songs being shown, are some that i have never even heard or seen before. One of them, has a simular name, to what i would guess should have been there instead, but not the other one. 

Hi, My account was hacked in May of this year and the hackers put one album on repeat for like 24 hours before I figured out what was happening. It completely disrupted my listening profile and also made my wrapped JUST that artist. It's music i'd never heard and don't enjoy. 

I was told at the time of the account breach that nothing could be done to repair my listening profile. I think it's really crappy that premium users who pay plenty for your service just have to deal with that, especially since this year THOUSANDS of Spotify accounts were hacked. This year's wrapped is just a reminder that our data is not secure with Spotify. 

In my wrapped playlist there isn't a song "Naturaleza - Mose edit" despite that I listened to it every day since July. I listened to it along my two other songs that MADE it to the list. I feel like there something wrong here. I always listen to these 3 songs everything morning!


Is anyone else getting this screen? I don't see how this can be accurate for me because I use Spotify on a weekly basis for the entire year, and always got my Wrapped in past years. Did they change their requirements for getting a Wrapped in 2023?

Hello, I'm unfortunately a bit disappointed with wrapped this year. Last year I had some issues as well, but at least my most listened songs were correct. This year I was certain a couple songs would be on top (or at least in the top 100 list) because I listened to them a ton, but they are simply missing. Instead there are songs in there that I don't even remember hearing at all, or like only a couple times. It's super unfortunate because I would've loved to come back one time and remember my favourite songs of 2023. Now it feels like I cannot trust the results. 


I just listened to my Wrapped and it is not my music at all.  I have never listened to most of these artists.  I remember there was a suspicious login in October on my account and I reset everything then.  Is there any way to get this type of music off of my account history?  One, I don't want it playing into any algorithms for me and two, I would like to see an accurate Wrapped for me.  None of this applies to me.

My top song wrong. Listened to that song maybe one time before I know I’ve heard it but definitely not my top song i don’t even have it liked and only use my liked songs. 

My top song in Spotify wrapped is a song I’ve maybe played one or two times before so I’m confused how it’s my top song I don’t even really know it 




Anyone else getting this screen? I listen to Spotify once a week minimum and listen to dozens of artists, and that's always been enough to get my own Wrapped, so I don't see how this can be true. Did they change the requirements to get a Wrapped or something?


My Spotify wrapped shows my top artist as someone I’ve never heard of and definitely have never listened to

Similar thing here - my "top song" was only played 11 times!?!

Even though the FAQ states that offline listening is included/counted, I'm not sure that's the case?

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