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Can't sync local files to iPhone


Can't sync local files to iPhone

I've tried looking for answers for a couple of hours on this forum and all over online, but I can't find any solutions and I'm getting frustrated.


Basically, it seems to be a pretty common issue but I can't find a fix.  When I make a playlist on my desktop with songs from Spotify mixed with local files, the Spotify songs will appear on my phone but the local files appear greyed-out and unplayable on my mobile.


The root issue seems to be that desktop client isn't recognizing my mobile under 'Devices' even when they're both logged into the same account.  I have even tried changing network settings to no avail.  If I was able to have the client recognize my iPhone and then sync, I believe the local files would show up the phone.


If anyone has any ideas that have worked for them, please share.  I am currently under my free-trial period and will cancel before the 30 days unless I can get a fix for this.




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I use the program "Norton Internet secutiry", and when i checked the firewall Status there it was set to be "Auto". But when i changed from "Auto" to "Allow", i found my Iphone under device. So try to check if you use some type om Security that still block Spotify.


Hope this help someone!

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The instructions here say that you have to put local files into playlists and synch those @katrinascarlett .

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I got mine to work just now!


The problem is that you need to go to Windows Firewall and mine showed SEVERAL spotify.exe that were allowed, but two spotify.exe were disabled. I opened them up and unblocked those from the firewall and voila!


Go to START, then type "firewall"

Under Windows 7, you'll get the firewall screen

On the main screen (there's three), scroll down to where it shows "View and Create Firewall Rules."

Click on Inbound Rules

Scroll through to spotify.exe - mine had at least 5 or 6! Scroll sideway and verify that they are allowed.

If it shows a red circle, it is currently disabled. Right click and then go to Properties.

Click "enabled" and then "Allow Connection."

Do this for all the spotify.exe you see.

Instant success for me!

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Nothing?  What's really dissapointing is that I've seen topics on this issue as far back as FEB and there are still no fixes.  How can such a pervassive issue not be addressed more quickly?  Especially considering this is a SUBSCRIPTION service.



You might want to try reinstalling Spotify on both your computer and your iPhone. You can find instructions for reinstallations right here.

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I am having the same problem, and it's massively frustrating. My iphone is using the same wireless network as my mac, yet I cannot listen to my "local" files on my phone. They show up but they're greyed out. FWIW I am a premium member in my first month.


And yes, I did the uninstall/reinstall trick and it had no result.


What is causing this? Can this be fixed?


If not, then the information on spotify's website about listening on your mobile phone is extremely misleading. Any help would be appreciated. 




I am having the same problem. I followed these steps to try to fix it:


  1. Uninstall Spotify from my iPhone
  2. Uninstall Spotify from my Windows 7 PC
  3. Download new install from
  4. Reboot computer
  5. Reboot iPhone
  6. Reinstall Spotify on my PC
  7. Reinstall Spotify on my iPhone
  8. Connect iPhone to PC via USB cable
  9. Mark playlists as Available Offline
  10. Wait
  11. Fail. Local files still show as grey in Spotify mobile--they play just fine through the PC install.

I love Spotify and I want to continue using it. However, if I cannot intermingle my local songs that are unavailable through my subscription, it is pointless.

I'm seriously shocked at how this hasn't been addressed.  There's dozens of these threads with people needing help; heck there's a 12 page thread on this forum alone that seems to never leave the first page.  What's the advice given by the community managers?  To attempt gimmicky work-arounds that help some and not others.  It's not their fault, but this issue needs to be addressed with a real fix instead of these band-aid solutions. 


Why not just allow a connection to the iphone via USB as seemingly hundreds have suggested?  Instead I am asked to prod, tweak, and change firewall/virus software/router settings that I have no knowledge about.  This is frustrating to no end and just plain bad customer service.  I will be cancelling my premium subscription until this gets fixed and I implore everyone else who is as frustrated as me to do the same.

I have the exact same problem for a while now and it's massively frustrating !! I've been using spotify since it's early days when it was still completely free, and I've had a premium account since the day they started charging money for it. I haven't had this problem forever, just suddenly one day it wouldn't sync the local files to my iphone anymore. I tried reinstalling it both on my phone and Mac, but it doesn't help. PLEASE, PLEASE solve this problem, spotify? 

I have the same problem.


Wake up Spotify! do something about it, were giving you our money.



I have the same Problem. Can´t sync my files.

I had this problem too and resolved it as follows:


  •  Disconnected iPhone from cable attached to Windows 7 laptop
  •  Closed iTunes
  •  Closed Spotify on Windows 7
  •  Opened Spotify on Windows 7
  •  Enabled WiFi on iPhone and made sure it was on the same network as my laptop (waited until connection bars appeared)
  •  Opened Spotify on iPhone

I was then able to see my iPhone in my devices and can synchronize local and Spotify files.


I have the latest Spotify version and upgraded my iPhone to iOS 6.


Hope this helps,


I think you may be on to something here.
1. iTunes shouldn't interfere with Spotify syncing, but it might do somehow, in some causes.
2. To appear in the devices list your iPhone doesn't need to be connected by its cable. It should be detected over a shared wifi network.
1. By default, iTunes is set to launch when your iPhone is connected by cable. 
- Thus, many people will have it launching in when they do so.
2. Even though you don't need to connect by cable to sync, Spotify will cease offline syncing when a device goes into screen sleep unless the device is on its charger cable.
- Thus, most people will sync their device when it is connected by cable (I always do).

So, I would recommend this advice if your iPhone (or other iOS) isn't appearing in the Devices list. In particular, to make sure that iTunes isn't running.
The problem will occasionally lie elsewhere though. The wi-fi sync does require "UDP broadcast". Some earlier (or maybe cheaper) routers don't support this, or will have it turned off by default.

I have the same problem. I've tried to follow all steps in all advices, but still won't sync. The iphone won't appear on devices here either, even if it's logged into the same network.

Even more annoying than not being able to sync new local files, is that when I reinstalled Spotify on the iphone, ofcourse all the old local files, which was synced before, are unplayable on the iphone. Really annoying that this doesn't work. I've been a premium member for over a year, and this has always worked fine before.


Suggestion for Spotify: make  it possible to import songs to Spotify from the "ipod" on the iphone, so that we don't have to sync wirelessly over PC - iphone..


Spotify admin: Clearly many people have the same problem, and your uninstall-install "trick" doesn't seem to be working very well. Please figure out another way to resolve the syncing issue

Thank goodness I'm not the only on frustrated by this! I've tried everything. I live in an apartment that has an open network for all residents thus via wifi doesn't work. Super frustrating! Then I tried the old fashion USB cable. Spotifiy still doesn't recognize my device when connected... this is getting ridiculous! Please Spotify figure this out.  

I'm still having this problem also.


I have 2 spotify subscriptions in my house, and I'm getting incredibly pissed off.


The worst thing - I logged a support ticket with spotify and the response was that if I've tried the things listed in these forums and it still doesn't work then they cannot help me.


Ticket closed. Worst customer support I have ever experienced.

Same here, tried to get assistance with this issue 2 times already but just got redirected to another thread, but there was no solution there either. On other issues I've gotten help after no more than 5 minutes. Several times... So I'm guessing this is being ignored on purpose... Very disappointing.

I am having the same problem. Won't sync on wifi and it won't recognize my iphone when I plug it in with a cord. What's the deal?

I've recently gotten this problem. And I figured out that it might very well be a problem with new modems. We just got a new one at home, and I couldn't synch any more local files after that point. I bet Jude's got the solution: "The problem will occasionally lie elsewhere though. The wi-fi sync does require "UDP broadcast". Some earlier (or maybe cheaper) routers don't support this, or will have it turned off by default." But maybe there's something strange with newer ones instead, and the people of Spotify havn't patched it to work with newer modems or something. Just an idea.


And yeah. I almost only use Spotify for the hundreds of pony song I so desperatly need.

Um. I think it's working for me now. After I booted up my laptop (which also is logged in on my account) started the songs to download. So guys, try and use another computer on spotify with the same account and wifi, and have some mp3's to synch from that. It could get things going.

I am having this same incredibly frustrating issue and will be cancelling my premium account if there's not a fix proposed by Spotify officially 

Hi guys! If any of you are still looking for a solution for this, after weeks and weeks of searching I have finally found this and can't believe it finally worked! This is from from a user called "ashley"


"If you’ve recently updated your Spotify and you notice that you can’t sync local files, they merely stay grayed-out on your iPhone, then I may have a fix for you. If you’re on Windows 7, go to start and in the search type “firewall” and select the firewall option. You should get a pop-up, on the left there’s some options – select “allow a program or feature through the firewall”.

You should now get a list of programs, scroll down until you find Spotify and ensure that both public and private are checked. While you may not want to sync on a public network many simply select that option when prompted when setting up their Wi-Fi access at home. Open up the spotify app on your desktop and iPhone and see if your device appears.

If it doesn’t, go to start and type in “network” and you may get a yellow bar drop down near the top informing you network discovery is not on. There will be a link to the right to enable network discovery. This particular step worked for me, but a friend had success with the first step. If it worked you should now see your device under devices in Spotify on your desktop!"


The firewall setting worked for me! Hope it does for the rest of you too.


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