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Can't sync music to iPod classic

Can't sync music to iPod classic



I have a problem synching music to my ipod. When I didn't have premium I could sync all local files but even that isn't possible anymore. I did everything my friend told me to (she had done this couple of times successfully) but it just kept stopping in 18 songs but my iPod still had no music. What should I do???

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Indeed, you can only sync songs when you've an active Premium subscription (you may check that here).

I'm not sure about local songs.


You may also try to fix it by reinstalling Spotify. To do that, please follow the steps in the link below:!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify

The thing is I'm premium NOW and I can't sunc music to my iPod. Not even local files which I could sync when I was free user.


But I'll try again and re-install spotify. Help is still needed 🙂

How much free space is on the device, saddisti

6.41 Gt free space. My playlist I want has 329 songs. They should fit becouse about a year back I had 280 songs and there was still lot of space left.


 I reinstalled spotify but it's still the same... It also crashes after I change the "Synch all music to device" to "select music to sync". It does start synching but it just stops and says 17 or 18 left to synch but when I take my Ipod out there's nothing there! This really pisses me off because I'd really like to have the music from Spotify than Itunes(which I don't even have now) because of financial reasons.


If you want I can take screen shots for you

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