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Can't turn off shuffle play


Can't turn off shuffle play

I have tried to turn off the new shuffle play (using the 'I'). When I push this it says I need to upgrade to premium. I already do have premium. How do I get my songs playing in their right playlist order?


Solution by Matt Suda:


If you have a premium subscription, you will be able to turn off shuffle in the iPhone app.


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i must be high i still cant find any place to tunn off shuffle play, ive tried everything very upset, whats the real key to it?? there is no left arrow of anything to press or move, to turn the darn thing off, ready to get rid of spotify, and i love it,!! , im on premium 10 a month service, but still read everything and cant turn it off, please help before i bust a blood vessil in my brain, how do i turn shuffle off , i have an i phone 4s??

The new IOS does not have the "I" button

I have found the solution to turn off shuffle. The solution is easy, but hidden

1. Open the playlist
2. Press play on any track
3.On the bottom bar, where the song that is currently playing is listed, click it so that the full album cover is displayed
4. Look for the shuffle icon (2 criss-crossing arrows), and unclick it or unhighlight

Your playlist will now play in any order you would like. So simple, but yet, so dumb.

Why on earth Spotify would make the shuffle button so big on the home screen of a playlist and the turn shuffle mode off button hidden away from the normal display is lost on me.

Hope that helps!

I can't find the "i" on my iphone.  But I see the suffle icon at the bottom of the song playing.  I turned both of those icons off and it still says Shuffle.  I'm going to cancel my Premium subscription until Spotify listens to its customers. 

a couple pages up on this thread, someone attached photos on how to do this.  i'll attempt to explain. while you're playing a song, at the bottom of the screen the name of the artist and song appears and to the right of it, the play or pause icon appears.  


1. press anywhere to the left of this icon (in other words, don't press the play/pause icon).

2. this will bring up the album cover with even more options towards the bottom of your screen

3. at the very bottom will be your song options (play/pause, rewind, advance forward, etc).

4. look to the very left of the play and you will see two more icons right below the timeline. these are the repeat and shuffle icons

5. the shuffle icon is above the repeat icon.  if it's green, it means shuffle is enabled.  if it's white, it i disabled.  press to toggle


2014-11-05 06.59.50-2.png

there's no i on my phone when the song is playing.  help?


See the post just above yours with the screen shot. 


You have to click on the Shuffle symbol when you have a song playing and it's on full-screen mode.

I still can't find the "i" that everyone is talking about. Is it in an obvious spot on the top of the screen and I'm just not seeing it or is it hidden? I'm going insane!

See message #84 for the answer. There is no "i" anymore. You just have to turn off the shuffle button.

My iPhone is stuck on shuffle and I found this, but I can't find the "i" at the top of the page. I have an iPhone 4s. Does that make a difference?

The "i" is gone, the shuffle icon is now just in the bottom left corner of the now playing screen on iPhone.

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I am trying to turn off Spotify ON MY PHONE and there is no i that I can see.



What "i" at the top of the screen? I don't have one.

No "Now Playing" screen. No "i." This has been driving me nuts. Someone please help!



Who knew?! I had no idea that little icon meant "shuffle"!!!!


I was so annoyed by this issue, I almost canceled my subscription.

I do not see the i at the top of the screen (trying to turn off shuffle). Might someone post a screen shot?



I've read all of these comments and I STILL can't find this "i" everyone is talking about!

Shuffle is so annoying.

Anyone have a picture reference?

Posted a new thread since it seems people only read the first few posts of a thread topic and of course, the solution in the first pages are now outdated.  Here's how to disable Shuffle Play.


What do you mean by "I" ?

I can't turn off spotify and I don't see an "i" at the top of the screen.

I'm not computer literate. What is this "I" you all speak of? I have an iPhone 4 and have hit every icon I can see and find no option for turning shuffle off.

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