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Extreme Battery Drain / iPhone 5

Extreme Battery Drain / iPhone 5


I have the premium service and have noticed a significant battery drain when using Spotify as compared to my iPhone 4. Is it just me?

I've optimized my phone to conserve power as much as possible already. Brightness, push/fetch, location, turned off cellular for spotify... Still. It drains really fast.

Just me? Any suggestions?

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Hey there!


I'm not a user of iPhone, but may I suggest to you Offline mode?


So you can download playlist at home using Wifi or 3G and set after this procedure Spotify to Offline mode. No Internet used when Offline, so it might provide better battery life.


If no help, try re-install of Spotify.



Thx for your reply. I should have mentioned that I am already in offline mode and listening to pre downloaded songs

Do you have this problem with similar programs like Deezer or integrated music player?

No not really. Just when I open spotify and play some tunes. I can try to re install I guess.

Thx for your help!

If no help with re-install, I can ask Spotify mod to look into this.

Thx again!

I too, have had this issue. I have narrowed it down to Spotify that is causing this issue. I used to leave Spotify open 24/7 on my iPhone4 and it was never an issue, then on the 5 i noticed my batter was at 80% after 2 hours (And I wasn't even listening to music, just had it open in the background)


I closed spotify the next day and my battery never fell below 70% all day long.


I hope there's a fix for this soon, as I use my phone for work and if I forget to close the app I'm going to be in a ton of trouble with a dead phone and no way for my clients to get ahold of me.



Hey, thank you for reports. I ask a mod to look into this.


If anyone else with this problem, just add voice here. The more people, the better, so Spotify can escalate this as bug to developers.


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I'm also a premium user. My battery drained from 20% to 1% after one hour use of Spotify. I had my phone on lock.

The 20% battery life per hour drain seems pretty consistent, as I've been monitoring Spotify and my battery life since I first got the iPhone 5.


I've also ruled out the possibility that Apple's Music app drains battery life at a similar rate—it does not.



This is a serious problem and needs looking into. 

I have the new iPhone 5 too.


I'll test this out and get back to everyone. 

MattSudaSpotify Star
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I am not having this problem on my iPhone 5.


To be fair, when I got my iPhone 5 I deleted Spotify and did a fresh install.


I had my iPhone 5 fully charged at 100% and after having my locked phone play music for about an hour, the percentage only went down 2-3%. This was with Spotify in offline mode.


I'll continue to monitor this and see if I have any problems since it' still a new iPhone.

MattSudaSpotify Star
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This has happened Spotify app killed my iPhone 5 battery from 90% down to dead in less then 2 hours. Instantly I knew something was up with the Spotify app as battery is fine otherwise even watching YouTube for an hour takes off about 19%


i am a premium user. I was listening to online spotify. I had my phone screen locked so display was off. 


I would try and re-install Spotify but then i will lose all my downloaded playlists 😞 so looks like the app needs an update fellas 🙂


btw I fricken love Spotify thanks for an excellent service

I have experienced the same problem on my iPhone 5 when listening to offline playlists. Approx 20% drain per one hour of use (worse when listening to tracks not downloaded to the device)


I have tried a fresh install with no luck. 


Surprised such a popular app and music service has not been updated/optimised for the iPhone 5!

Hi, i am he original creator of this thread.


I just wanted to update you all on my progress. 


Although I do believe that the current version needs to be looked at for battery drain, I have found that what has really helped me to maintain battery life is this. 


Whenever I do NOT need to use data I simply go to GENERAL / CELLULAR DATA / and turn it off ..then if I need to access the web I turn it back on. You can still recieve calls and texts with the cellular data tuned off. 


This is what i found to be the main culprit of the iphone 5 battery issue. 


So if you listen to Spotify offline... try this method and let me/us know your resluts here. 


For me .. I have been able to retain MUCH better amount of battery life. 


Godd luck! 

Thanks for the report guys. I'm experiencing this as well myself, not entirely sure it's Spotifys fault since I've spoken to a few about battery consumption using Spotify and they're not experiencing any differance from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5.

I'm looking out for more reports on this, and continue to test this myself. if it really is an issue there should be more incoming reports on this soon.



I have the same trouble myself, iPhone 5 , battery drains out, listen to music for about 45-60 minutes drains my battery about 20%, no other online streaming does this, the rest of the day I was listening to various podcasts, and the battery was fine.

The only app that drains my battery that fast is Spotify, I even tried with offline playlists with no luck.


/Niclas L

Thanks for your help. I won't be using this temporary fix as I tend to need my phone for other things at the same time as listening to music.

There seriously needs to be an update to sort this and also to use the full iPhone 5 screen!

I also have an iPhone 5 and all of my playlists are offline. I am also using offline mode inside of spotify. I had the app open all day but not playing and battery was fine. Once I started playin music battery drained at 30% per hour. Also iPhone gets really hot.

AMAMUT do you remember if your cellular data was turned on the whole time? 


I have found that even when spotify is in offline, it still uses the interent if the cellular data is on (to refresh playlists..etc) so it is constantly using battery power to stay connected. 


Try to do the same thing but keep the cellular dats turned off (unless you need to use internet , then turn back off) and let me know if you still lose that much battery. 


You can find that on/off in  GENERAL > Cellular > top on / off switch. 


Using my iphone in this way has maintianed "as advertsed iphone batrtery life. I think the 4G/LTE always being on is the main culprit. (although I am sure Spitufy can tweak their app to accomodate) 



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