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How to search your tracks???

How to search your tracks???

I have the premium spotify app for my iphone 4.  I have a lot of starred tracks and need a way to search for a specific track when im listening.  I used the "search" function but that searches all of spotify and i only want to search my trackslist.  


A good idea would be just to have the alphabet displayed vertically on the side of the tracklist like the iphone music app so you can navigate your music.



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There's a filter option that might just be exactly what you're looking for. Select a playlist and scroll up (or swipe down?). A Filter bar will appear. Type in here and it will filter within that playlist. 


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Perfect, thank you!

how do you do this with android though?

@pokerbucs1981 wrote:

how do you do this with android though?

As far as I am aware, the android app does not have this functionality. 



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Well, there goes me keeping my premium status. sucks that it is because of something so simple to fix. i went to iPhone for 7 months and come back to android and still the same problem as before. spotify is losing a good customer in me and a lot of word of mouth I've been given out.

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