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Issues regarding the App

Issues regarding the App






(iPhone XR)

Operating System

(iOS 16.6)


My Question or Issue

I have been using Spotify in my iPhone XR as well as other devices with same account. And there is a problem from a long time that is not encountered in other devices.

These are the few changes that i have encountered in my App in iPhone :

• i cannot change the time of the current song playing like i cannot change the current song from 2:25 to 1:45 or go forward i have to listen to complete song as a whole I cannot hear the phrase of a song as i wish

• i cannot see queue of the songs that are about to play or change it’s order 
• i cannot skip more than 6 songs in an hour when I uninstall and reinstall the app it resolves for few hours or days but then again it keeps happening 
• i cannot replay the previous song, the button is not working it is like it has been disabled.


And all these issues are not encountered in other devices or when I contacted the customer care and they gave test account to login.. on this device there was no issue with the test account it became normal. Or there is no issue with the same account in other device i.e. my iPad. Kindly resolve this issue. It is very difficult for me to continue with so limited features. 

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Barking good to see you Chahan!

A free account on mobile will be quite limited on features compared to desktop or iPad, only a few official Spotify playlists have song selection with fast forward. I primarily use Spotify free on iPad and it’s wonderful, it definitely gives me something to be desired when it comes to using it on the phone though 😕 Here is a basic comparison between the two services.

Premium plans

                                                               Spotify free.                   Spotify Premium

Over 80 million songs

Podcasts and audiobooks

Travel abroad with your music

For up to 14 days.

Pick and play any track on mobile

Available on select playlists.

Play songs in any order


Ad free music


Download music


Download podcasts


If I can fetch any other info or answer any questions give me a howl,


-Prague the Dog

PragueRising Star
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But this issue is not there with another account if i login my iphone..So the issue’s not with my device I think it’s with the account 







iPhone 14 plus

Operating System

iOS 16.6


My Question or Issue

I try to add songs in the queue and it does not work. It also shows to try premium account. 

Spotify is not allowing me to stop shuffle play, change back to the previous song or even add songs yo queue, its just ahppening with me i asked a couple of friends and they all are doing fine. Spotofy is asking me to upgrade, have all these basic facilities now become premium, if so its a shame! Please help.



Hey, I've been annoyed by this recent update, v. and the previous few many updates had been very restricting on playing songs on spotify, the basic features like fast forward, rewind, playing in sequence, viewing lyrics, choose what you play are all segregated into premium features, isn't that bit too much? This is no longer like a wide range music app but a radio. Ads are genuinely tolerable but may spotify also know that not all users of spotify are always able to play that amount all the time, whether more or less.

I had been using spotify for quiet few years and it was best out of all the choices and I hope spotify team can understand this and bring a change.

It seems their Free product was too good.


They need to change that, so they could get more income. It's how market works.

I'd pay for music streaming much more if most of my outcome would go to ARTISTS I LISTEN in person.

Hi there @KanavSachdeva,


Thanks for the post.


Looks like you're on the free tier, and the features you're referring to are only available on Spotify Premium. You can check the previous post by @Prague for more information on the difference between the plans.



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Yes same . They shouldn't have disabled this. How can we enjoy a song like this. Please change this spotify. Just return these features of rewind , going in the middle of the song whenever i want. Skipping some lyrics is very important. Tou can't take that away . 

Spotify has started a new "TEST" where your shuffle, repeat and skipping options are disabled. I can't even play any single song of my choice. Whenever I try to select a song to play it says to BUY PREMIUM!!!?! I mean what the **bleep** is this?? Why can't even hear a single song of my choice?? When I contacted the Spotify agent he says that some TEST is going on and it will be over with some time!!! I mean what till then... so I found a easy option after writing this I am going to UNINSTALL Spotify...You can't compell anyone to take part or be the part of any random TEST when we live in a democratic country. Highly disappointed and it's just unfair.


Dear Spotify Users and Developers, 


I am just a regular Spotify Enjoyed and I can't remember a week since the last 2 years or so when I haven't listened to Spotify

But, for some reason, the new test thing that is brought about on Spotify is annoying to me. 

In the changes made, U cannot repeat songs or playlists, and the songs just run on shuffle. 

I personally don't like that feature and I am sure a lot of you also don't, then why on Earth are we forced to listening in shuffle. 

And, according to the latest version, listening any song at any time is a 'Premium Feature'.... like what?! 

Can't we even enjoy our playlists in our own saved order?? 

As mentioned earlier, I have been on Spotify for a really long time, and can't switch to anything else. 


Hence, I request the Spotify Team to take action on this ASAP.


Thank You 🙏

A Spotify Lover 🙂

Hey there, 

Is listening to any song at any time a premium feature now? 

If yes, Then why? 

Please reply ASAP

I feel like shifting to any other music app... 

It would be great to have a queue on mobile just like on PC.

Hey there, So from past 8 months I've facing a problem with the basic features of my spotify. So the thing is the basic features like switching to previous song, forward or rewind, shuffle play have been disabled for me. Now Spotify is asking me to get premium in order to use those basic features. None of my friends or family has got such an update. I reached out to the support team but they weren't helpful either. They simply asking me get premium. Do you guys think its ethical to do such thing?

This issue is from so long …i cant use the app happily as I couldn’t fast forward or rewind the song

  • Hello spotify this is a fellow listener from india.This website is very unknown very few people know so I think it would be able to reach a big audience but please take my request as a priority..I am spotify since it was released in india and now the new update has ruined the whole spotify app.I cant even play songs in a serialized order or cant even listen to a song repeatedly.There are millions of teenagers on your app and we cant buy premium.I am extremely dissatisfied.I want the old spotify back...

Get this to alot of clothes so the repeat button can be open to the public and not just the people who have premium 


Premium Student


India (IN)


(Samsung M33, Lenovo Legion)

Operating System

(Android 13, Windows 11)


My Question or Issue

My playback is automatically stopping after some time. I tried resetting my password, logging out of all devices, reinstalling the app. But not fixed yet.

It's happening in every device I login to.




South Korea


(Samsung Galaxy S22+)

Operating System

(Android 13)


My Question or Issue

Is it just me? After the recent update, I feel like my Spotify app has so many more of those annoying minor glitches. Something like music not playing or playing slowly. It does play music again when I restart the app, but I just can't get away from the fact that it is really annoying.

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