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Keep getting requested to login


Keep getting requested to login

So I upgraded to the latest update just over a week ago and noticed the supposed fix for the login issue. However, after a week at least once a day I keep getting returned to the login screen.


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I also got a response from @SpotifyCares and it was  helpful.  However, I realized that they may have already implemented a fix for this as I was following their directions.


Try this everyone...


Login to Spotify and go here:


Note: You can also get to the above link by going to your profile in Spotify.


You'll need to use the device ID that they give you (can't figure out how to change it), and you'll need to click the button to send you an email, which gives you another link that allows you to set your device password.


Tip: save your device username in Notes on you iPhone so you can copy/paste.


Now in the Spotify app on your iPhone don't login using Facebook but login using your Spotify details (the device UID and password you set earlier).


And NOW - offline mode works as expected!  I'll take this as the new way they are implementing offline mode.  A bit bass-ackwards in letting us know but I'll certainly take it.

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@medgirl2012 - What happens if you select 'Log in with Spotify details' (not 'Log in with Facebook') and use your FB email and password?


Of course we're looking into a more permanent solution. For now though please let me know how that work around goes.

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Hi everyone


Recently Spotify on my iPhone keeps asking me to login using either facebook or my spotify credentials when I start the app.  This doesn't happen all the time, just intermittently, but it is very frustrating (I was on a long journey on the London Underground today and I couldn't use Spotify as I couldn't connect to a network to login).  I am not sure why this has started to happen but it is very frustrating!


I am a Spotify Premium customer, I am running the latest version of Spotify (I always update when a new version is released) and I am on IOS 5.1 on an iPhone 3GS.


Can you please help stop this happening, ideally I want to login to Spotify once, and not have to do it every time I want to use the app.


Thanks for reading.

Same problem since last update, on iPod Touch 4th gen 😞

Hi there, welcome to the Community.


So I can see Facebook is linked to both of your accounts. Have either of you requested a login approval text message for signing into Facebook?

Nope how do I go about that? And will that solve my issue?

No, I just needed to rule that out as the cause of the issue first.  If you want to double check just head to head your Facebook profile.


From there click on the down arrow next to 'Home' > 'Account Settings' > 'Security' > 'Login Approvals'.


If that's not turned on could you all please confirm these details for us:


  • Device Model
  • Device's Operating System
  • Mobile Spotify Version





Hey Meredith, I can confirm this isn't ticked.


Model - iPhone 4s 16GB

Devices OS - iOS 5.1.1

Mobile Spotify Version - Latest ( 1856)




BTW, same here, very annoying since I use Spotify offline mode on the subway when I have no cell reception iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1, Spotify 1856

Hi, I have signed up to spotify premium with the intention of having an offline playlist on my iPod to take on holiday with me soon.  I have synced everything to the iPod and made sure everything I want is set to available offline, however whenever I go out of range of my home wifi and try to open spotify it is asking me to login?? Obviously I can't do this as don't have the Internet connection.  I have made sure beforeeach attempt that I am changing the settings to offline mode, so really don't understand why it isn't working. Please help 🙂

Yeah, it's a really annoying issue for iPod Touch users too... no WiFi, no party!

keeps happening to me to......not impressed, will cancel my premium account

i got the same phone,software  than adamhuxtable y got the some problem sometimes i got no internet i cant login so i can listen my music and its annoying

Hi everyone - I'm looking into this issue as we speak. If you could continue posting the info below it'd be a great help:


  • Device Model
  • Device's Operating System
  • Mobile Spotify Version

As soon I have more info/ updates I'll post again right here. 



iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1, Spotify 1856


Kindest regards




iPod Touch 4th gen.
iOS 5.1.1 (9B206)
Spotify 0.5.4


Same problem to..


iPhone 4 32gb

iOS 5.1.1 (9B206)


Thanks! going on hols on wed so need my toons!!

Same issues. I'm on hols and can't access my music when not online:


iPhone 4S 16GB

ios 5.1.1


By the way, this only started to occur once the "Spotify trial ended" issue started (at least for me).

Same here, both on iPhone 4 and iPad ("3")



iPhone 4 16GB & iPad 3 16 GB

ios 5.1.1


Hi Meredith, I have the same problem, I have a...


iPod Touch 5.1.1 (9B206)




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