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New iPad app stops playing.. buffers... (longtime) ... plays few seconds...again buffering...


New iPad app stops playing.. buffers... (longtime) ... plays few seconds...again buffering...



I got an iPad 1 (fyi not jailbroken). Installed yesterday the new Spotify app for iPad. Super... I thought. But it stops playing all the time and after a few minutes it continues... Why? 


Internet connection 120 Mb

WLAN N router

LAN 1Gbps 


Please Help...


Accepted Solutions
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I used this app this morning using my t-mobile 3G Mobile broadband connection only.... same issue....stop start stop start

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Going off topic for a minute, can you please take the time to review my idea in the ideas community:


I think it makes a lot of sense. Rdio does it this way. If you agree please give kudos and let's get it changed!!!!!

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Provider Ziggo and live in the Netherlands. Last weeks the IPad, iPhone application stops playing music all the time. Also have problems with the Western Digital TV live hub. Testing with Deezer on the moment.

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Have tested Deezer, ipad HD app. Playback is flawless. ISP is Ziggo Netherlands.

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All systems are up and feeling jolly good (according Spotify) 


but at the moment i've no connection. Anone else too?


IPS is Ziggo Netherlands

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IT'S RESOLVED!!! It may be a coincidence but I doubt it. Yesterday I updated to the very latest version of iOS, 5.1.1, and it's all hunky dory again! Everyone make sure you're running the latest version!

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Well, bandwidth is good currently. Last problem, music stopped but as soon as I woke the iPad and opened spotify it started again. That sounds like a sleep issue. I'll try the latest iOS....

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as far as I know I cannot change the DNS from the Sonos Zoneplayer, so do you mean I have to change the DNS setup at the modem/router?

Sonos ZP, Sonos S5, Arcam A28, Monitor Audio RX6, Ziggo network, iPad, Samsung S3 mini

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Not trying to counter your tip, but yesterday I was having no prob at all with my default provider settings. Just saying the timing of testing sometimes clouds the conclusion. 🙂

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After a few days of intensive listening to Spotify Premium, I get all sorts of strange behaviour the extreme slow buffering (10s-1min before song starts) being most annoying. But also error screens popup, saying the song isn't available offline, Radio stations are not available, etc. Killing the App doesn't help.

What helps is deleting the App and reinstalling again, errors disappear and songs start instantly, but you don't expect that from a premium service.

iPad 3
iOS 5.1.1 official firmware
Spotify v0.5.2.374.g2c5b1077 (latest public ipad version)
Stream setting 'Normal'
Austria (not Australia) on 20Mb net

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I think i've found the cause of the problem. When using Carat for anayzing my battery usage, i've found that my "memory used"  most of the time is completely filled. "Memory active" is 30/50%. This means that the memory of my iPhone most of the time is filled with processes of apps I have used. Not all memory is active though, so this means that whenever an app needs more memory, it will free up the inactive memory, in order for the running app to use that memory.


Today I removed all the apps from my multitask bar (and thus, freeing up the memory used). I checked this with Carat. When I would then play streaming playlist with Spotify, not a single hickup or stutter occured!


My guess is that when the "memory used" is almost full, Spotify is not getting enough memory from the operating system, to continue to buffer the songs, thus stuttering and hickups follow. Maybe when the device is locked the memory management is even more strict?


Hopefully this information can lead to a succesfull fix for the app!


For now, my workaround for stutter free playing works for me!

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Hooray I think I have a solution.

You have to do a 'clean uninstall' before reinstalling. This involves turning off your ipad completly before reinstalling the spotify app.

Spotify are making an assumption that we all know what 'Clean uninstall' means, when the reality is that most folk like me are completly IT lingo ignorant.

I had been deleting the app and simply reinstalling it without tutning off ipad complety before re-booting it.

Good luck happy listening!

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296 Replies

Same problem here. When set to extreme, streaming is terrible. Only when I set the quality to normal, it get better. Not happy with this at all. Spotify, please help!

I have the same problem. Impossible to relax and listen to spotify at the same time. Forever cutting out. I'm very fed up. I was so looking forward to the iPad app launch as well.

Same here...iPad app problems. Never had it before...

Same problem. I stream at extreme quality and don't have the best internet, but before the update it was fine. I also noticed that the little disc icon that lets you view the album a track is from has been removed. I miss it. Better music collection browsing would also be appreciated. Just plagiarise the way the iPad music app does it - view by album/artist/song. Having hundreds of tracks in the starred playlist and having to scroll for ages to flip through the artists is a bit silly.

So glad someone else has this problem and not just me! I've got the new Spotify app installed on my iPad 3 and it keeps cutting out all the time. So annoying. Just out of interest, what ISP is everyone using? I'm on Virgin Media 50mb. When I tried connecting through my phone's wireless hotspot (so using Three UK's network) it was fine... BUT I've never had problems streaming Spotify on my iPad on my Virgin Media connection until the new Spotify app came out. AND the Spotify client on my desktop computer isn't cutting out, and that's using the same Virgin Media connection. Wahhhh! Not happy.

I'm on PlusNet and get around 5.5 meg. Not incredible, but it works on the computer and it worked before. This is using an iPad 1. To answer the topic, I guess there isn't really a solution apart from turning the quality down until they release a fix. Hopefully they'll see this topic and get on it ASAP.

Same here! 50 mbit connection so plenty room for extreme streaming ...

I'm streaming on normal and it's still cutting out 😞

Well, seems better no ulpgrade for the moment. I am still using IPhone aplicattin without these issues. I cannot understand hoy they can release with this obvious problem.

The GUI looks and "feels" awesome, but please Spotify SAY SOMETHING. The problem is obvious a comon one, so fix it pls - or at least make it possible to downgrade to the old iPhone app! The app is pretty useless at the moment. 



I haven't run into this myself... However, if you believe downgrading might help, why not try searching for "Spotify for iOS4" in the App Store? This is a version designed with older devices in mind. 

Airhorn Enthusiast

Well now I'm confused. Even when using the app for iOS 4 it's stuttering. It's definitely not an issue with my connection though. I've switched to Rdio for comparison (luckily just launched in the UK, just in time) and have no such problems.

Oh wow, is the word "Rdio" filtered on these forums?

Ok, maybe not! Must've just missed it out of my last post. Sorry for the triple post! Couldn't find an edit button. Edit: found it. Embarrassing.

I'm having the same stuttering hanging problems with playback on both iPad 2 and iPod touch since installing updates. Have tried spotify for iOS 4 - same problems. Have tried streaming at all qualities - same problem. Have rarely had this issue before. Internet connection not an issue. Please get this fixed.

What streaming quality are you using?
Airhorn Enthusiast

Not sure who you're talking to? Jrick mentioned he'd tried all quality settings, and I've done the same. Stuttering persists even on the lowest.

I do apologise. First skim read of the day.

Let's try another tactic. Try closing down everything in the mutlitask menu, and then only opening up Spotify.

Also, what are your gapless / crossfade settings?
Airhorn Enthusiast

Ok, I shut everything in the multi-task menu, including Spotify. Reopened Spotify, set the quality to Extreme. It played one track fine for about 2-3 mins (not enough time for the track to end) then it stopped. The track didn't start again, so I then tested again using High and Normal quality settings (on different tracks), and both of them stuttered after about 30 seconds.


Gapless playback is on and crossfade is set to 0s. Thanks for trying to help out by the way 🙂

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