Search facility fails after veiwing a track in full screen mode - I Pad 4

Search facility fails after veiwing a track in full screen mode - I Pad 4

Ok, I have a playlist of come 650 songs, when I select a full screen image of the song I’m playing and then select 'Hide' and then perform a search it will not perform this action from the playlist I'm playing.  If I perform a search whilst not in this full screen function it works every time! 

To correct this I have to select another playlist and play a track then go back to original playlist,  search will then work and continue working until I select full screen image of song, at this point once 'hide' is selected search does not work! 


When I perform a successful search and then select full screen option of the track I'm playing and then select ‘Hide’ and continue to perform another search the search fails and just displays the last results i.e. stuck on last search detail.


Tried re-install and log-out and back-in but as soon as full screen is used subsequent search fails from there on.


Can you help please, have used Spotify from day one and loved it but this is driving me crazy as a premium member!!


Latest vers. Spotify, UK, user name misd

Latest IOS update

I Pad 4 not jailbroken, 32 playlists approx. 8 available off-line

2GB space available on I Pad

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Can reproduce this, so I have opened it as a bug here for you. 


So we can keep all reports/details in one place, I am going to lock this thread. 



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Hey @Misd are you having this issue when using the latest update (2.1.0)? Please let us know, thanks!

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