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Very Slow Download on iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.3 Spotfiy Spotify Core

Very Slow Download on iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.3 Spotfiy Spotify Core


I am using  iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.3 Spotfiy Spotify Core


My iPhone is connected to a power source and charging.  I am connected to a WIFI with a strong connection.  My download quality is set to "extreme".  My internet connection is capable of > 1 Megabyte per second download speeds.  I have verified that the iPhone can download at high speed by testing another application.  Nothing else is running or downloading on my phone when I try to download a Spotify playlist.


The issue: it is unusably slow when streaming or downloading music from the Spotify library.  The problem is intermittent.  Sometimes it can download a 5 minute song in about 10 seconds.  Other times it takes >10 (or forever) to download a 5 minute song.  Obviously it cannot stream and play music that isn't already downloaded when the issue is occurring.


Please do not tell me to turn down my music quality, that is not an acceptible answer!  Right now I am streaming an ALAC via Dropbox no problem!


Love the app and the service, but please fix this issue.



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I received the following response from support.  I don't think he actually read my email, looks like a cut and paste without paying attention.  I have tried restarting the device.  I have not tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app.




Thanks for taking the time to get in touch. I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems using Spotify on your iOS device. The most common problems can be solved easily by just restarting your device.

If restarting your device doesn't solve your problem follow these following steps:

Remove and Reinstall the Spotify app:
- Press and hold your finger on the app until it hovers and then press the X symbol.
- Restart your iOS device.
- Install Spotify again from the App Store.

Other problems can also be solved my installing the latest iOS firmware for your device through iTunes.
To do so please:
- Connect your device to your computer.
- Open iTunes
- Go to your device view
- Click on "check for updates"

Problems with offline playlists can be solved by changing the sound quality inside the Spotify application (under settings) to Sync "High Quality".

Please get back to me if you are still having problems.

Best Wishes,

Adam Curran
Spotify Customer Service


There is also an open bugs topic about slow synching here (just FYI 😉



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@Peter wrote:

There is also an open bugs topic about slow synching here (just FYI 😉



Thank you Peter, I didn't realize there was an open bug thread.  I pasted my specs into that thread.


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