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Waiting To Download: iPhone won't download offline playlists


Waiting To Download: iPhone won't download offline playlists



I recently updated my iPhone iOs and had to restore the phone during the process. Since then, all my offline playlists say "Waiting to download", but no tracks ever download. Tracks have the gray download arrow, but never the green one, and are not available online.


I have tried restarting the phone, and the app, and I have tried using three different wi-fi networks, and also 3G & 4G.


Sometimes when I restart the app, the "Offline progress" bar appears for just a second, but then vanishes again.


It's an iPhone 5 Plus. Spotify Premium. Account active. No similar problems in the desktop version.


This is something I use Spotify Premium for a lot, so I would appreciate some help from a moderator here.



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Expected behavior - app should inform the user that offline track limit has been reached (3333 per device, 9999 across all devices).


Current behavior ( on iOS 9.2) - app does NOT inform the user that the limit was reached, but instead shows "Waiting to download", causing lots of people to waste lots of time trying to figure out why it says "Waiting to download" - restarting their phone, reinstalling the app, re-downloading thousands of tracks again - all to get back to the same spot "Waiting to download" because the app currently doesn't tell you when the limit has been reached.



I'm having the same problem. Just signed up for Spotify. Beginning to question whether premium made sense.

I've been having the same problem on my iPhone 5s and I'm only pulling down ~250 tracks. It seems the only way to get it to actually finish the download is to keep the phone from locking and stay in Spotify until it's done. If I switch to another app or let the phone sleep/lock, the download stops and nothing will get it working again.

Try disabling your firewall on your computer temporarily, that's how i got mine to work 

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what worked for me was disable firewall, remove the app from my iPhone and reinstall it and toggle the available offline button.

it worked for me too!! thank you!

This did not work. Hardly a solution.

As explained in original post, I have 0 offline tracks, I'm trying to make about 10 songs offline. So I'm not even remotely close to that limit. Spotify should listen to the users issues with playing actual music and resolve them rather than making pointless updates like useless "Spotify Running".

Same issue here... Spotify customer service is conspicuously absent
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I too am at the end of my tether here. I've been using Premium (mostly on my Microsoft Surface running Windows 10) since just before Xmas, and have been really impressed with being able to have my key playlists as a backup on my iPhone 6 Plus


Now, for some reason, this week the majority of my tracks are greyed out, with a 'waiting to download' message 


I have tried a clean install on both my phone and laptop, turning off the firewall...all to no avail. Interestingly, all of the greyed out tracks are my own tracks. And I'm nowhere near the 3,333 limit 😡😡😡


Help!! Anyone! Please!!

Spotify, please fix your app. I've been a loyal customer for years and the app is why. Since 2016, the app doesn't seem to work like it had. This waiting to download thing is killing me and having to uninstall the app and reinstall just to download a few more songs is NOT a soultion. We haven't received an email acknowleging all our concerns. It seems like you are just sweeping it under the rug. Please let us know we are not talking to a wall, that you hear us, and that you are at least working on a solution. This is crazy. Thanks.

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I am also not having any luck with Spotify downloading local files I've imported as a playlist from iTunes. And to confirm:


  • I have 22GB free space on my iPhone 6S Plus
  • I have 157GB free space on my Windows 10 Desktop
  • Both are connected to the same 5GHz home Wifi in my house and Spotify is supposed to begin downloading when connected to Wifi
  • Both are connected to the internet
  • I've tried restarting both my computer and my iPhone
  • iTunes 12.3 is open and working, plays my local songs, reads and syncs to my phone if I want it to
  • Spotify is up to date, open and working, plays songs (just not the local ones) and recognises my iPhone over Wifi, as it pops up in Available Devices
  • I have way less than the limit of 3,333 songs syncing on both devices combined, let alone either device. Even so, I was told there is no limit to local songs.
  • I'd rather not uninstall and reinstall Spotify if I can help it, because I don't want to have to re-select every local playlist to make Available Offline
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This worked for me, so if anyone is having this problem now, then try this! Definitely a good shot of working for you!

Yep, I have the same problem on my iPhone 6s with iOS 9.3.1. I was also hoping the latest Spotify update would get rid of this problem, but it has not. Very disappointed. I am now subscribe thinking of subscribing to iTunes.

I've discovered my issue. Once you get the songs to the point where it says "waiting to download on your mobile device", make sure it is on the same wifi network as your computer you're using, and then temporarily disable any security firewalls you have. I had to disable my ESET security for 5 minutes and it started downloading immediately.

There should be no limit. I pay for premium which is advertised as "unlimited" Spotify as a company is a liar. And I will not give money to a liar. They better fix that before my next subscription time comes.

Same here. Spotify reset my devices and asked me to do a clean install which I have down and now every single playlist is waiting to download. I asked for a refund until this problem is solved and they told me they couldn't bc it was charged 14 days ago. Uhm yes and I have messing with it since then!! Spotify fix this issue or we are paying for nonexitent premium service. Been loyal fan since u came to states! And refund my money u til such time as o receive premium service.

Yup. this fixed it. Wasted a lot of time trying to figure out why.

This is not a solution!!!!!!!!!!

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I've found a workaround that seems to work really well for me. This may only work if you have a computer with an Ethernet jack, but may still work if your Mac is connected to Wifi and doesn't have an ethernet jack.


1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac via USB lightning cable

2. On your Mac, go to System Preferences -> Sharing

3. Select Internet Sharing in the table view to the right

4. Check only iPhone USB for sharing. Mine is using Ethernet, but yours might be able to be Wifi.

5. Check internet sharing and hit start.


Seriously, fix your junk, Spotify. People pay money for this feature. This is arguably one of the best features of a paid subscription because it means never having to open iTunes. Don't make me open iTunes.

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