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What's up with this new Home screen?

What's up with this new Home screen?

Whats up with the new home screen being random playlist? Its really bad, can I change it back?

Top Answer

Hey there folks,


Thank you for your posts and feedback.


As this thread here has become too general and has grown a bit old, going forward, we'd like to close it off and refer you to post in our new Home Feed Update feedback thread.



999 Replies

Please just revert the changes or add an option to change it back to the old design. I was happy with the design as it was. This new homescreen design is unusable in my opinion.


  • Regards Jakob

The new homepage is horrible. The tiles are way too big. I miss the recent playlist feature the most. I don't want all these 'recommended' playlists and podcasts. Sidewards scrolling was so nice, now it's gone.

PLEASE listen to your paying users and change it back!!!

All that I ask is for the old Home Screen to implemented again and the new one is an eyesore for.. if it’s not broken don’t fix it please 🙏🏽 

I logout EVERY time I open Spotify and it reverts back to the last homepage layout. I can at least get music on the way to work like this but it then reverts by itself a few hours later 

For what it's worth, not too long after my sub actually expired off having cancelled, I was reverted and it never flicks back to the new layout. It feels suspiciously like someone read my feedback on why I was cancelling that I filled in when I cancelled and made a chance to my profile. However having migrated all my families playlists to Apple Music and listened to them moan at having to change and learn a new app, it is far too little too late. This should have been done when I complained to support, or in fact exposed as an option in the app.


It takes a lot of effort and friction to change music app, but if you only fix the problem once someone has moved you blew it.


This new UI is awful. Period.

Spotify, listen to your paying customers and revert back to the old interface.

I am about to move to Apple Music…

Can someone at Spotify at least explain WHY they believe this homepage is an improvement? Before the update I would pretty much only use the homepage for recommended playlists and mixes. Now whenever I open the app I go straight to my library or the search page. The Home Screen is effectively dead for me as it is. Such a baffling change and I really can’t figure out how this would improve the experience for anyone

Just for update.

When my view changed back to old, it is still old to the date. This is honestly view that I interacted with much.

Never give new view back, I'll be mad.

Tiles on updated homepage are seeming to take up the entire screen for one suggestion and are really inefficient. Would rather be able to see more suggestions at a glance than have to scroll through them one at a time. 

This issue persists on my iPad and iPhone. Why are the covers so big? It's bad enough that I'm scrolling through them one at a time, but it's LAGGING. The auto-play (but still MUTED) is slowing the scrolling so bad that it stops per card, so I'm essentially scrolling ONE ITEM AT A TIME. Also, most of the huge cards I'm presented, are the podcasts I'm not even listening to. You got all this data on me that shows I don't listen to podcasts on Spotify, and you still want to believe I'd want to listen after showing me a huge picture of the podcast?? I can't believe I'm paying for this experience.


Please update the mobile app to allow for better search capability and a more friendly user experience overall.  The current update has made it hard to find specific music and podcasts.  The new screen fodder (such as playlists and podcasts I will not listen to) is similar to bloatware on a new phone/computer - I do not want it and if I could delete it, I would. 


I am no longer able to absent mindedly find something I would like to hear as it must be a deliberate search to navigate through this interface, which often leaves me frustrated.


While I completely understand changes and the necessity of progress, I feel that this most recent change has been one of the poorer UI implementations throughout my years of Spotify usage.


During my search for a user interface update, I did not see a directly similar idea to this.  Please consider this and feel free to reach out for further input on an update.  I am hoping that with the community support of this idea, an update is coming with a more friendly user interface, soon.


Thank you for your consideration!


Please note that this idea is not for a reversion, but is for a possible idea for a future update.  Previous UIs are a good example but I am not at all recommending a reversion or roll-back to previous versions of the app.

This UI is garbage!  Fix it or I will be ditching premium and moving to another service

Everyone is clearly telling you that your test is a failure. 

My Home Screen has been unusable for a few weeks. We have a family plan and I compared it to my wife and child (also iPhones) who had the original Home Screen still. There’s 4 pinned playlists at the top which *never* change; one based off of a song I listened to with my son once in the car. I don’t listen to podcasts and yet they dominate this screen. I no longer have the daily mixes. What is going on? It’s terrible and completely unusable. My family premium subscription has been active since 2016; please don’t make this the reason we leave.

My UI went back to normal (just like that, I did not do anything), it's such a colossal difference and relief. I don't know if I stay with Spoti though, YT Music actually has a very nice UI (looking definitely more modern than Spotify) and algorithms work really well.


Spotify Team, please listen to us and don't play with us this way. And let the normal home UI stay the way it is.


PS. Switch off for podcasts on home would be appreciated too, btw.

My iOS Spotify has gone back to normal! Yay!

My app was updated sometime this past weekend and I am now (once again) able to use Spotify without irritation.
Thank you for resolving this!

Home screen now back to normal (i.e. something actually usable) which is a relief.

Does anyone from Spotify actually monitor this thread?

If so, put the CX manager on here so they can let us know if they conducted any user research prior to the rollout of this 'enhancement' to paying customers.

I 100% agree. 


Having cancelled my Family Subscription and then watched my App immediately revert back to the old, usable one I am loathe to even consider renewing my subscription until someone from Spotify explains what has happened and makes assurances it will not happen again. 


And apologises for treating paying customers with such arrogance. 

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