Why I will change from Spotify to Apple Music?

Why I will change from Spotify to Apple Music?

I have a BMW X1 2012 and it has a Connected Drive in CIC (Bmw version of entertainment system). If I want to use Spotify perfectly, I have to first connect my phone to USB cable, then start BMW Connected Drive from iDrive, then start BMW Connected from phone and then choose Spotify from iDrive for media source.


It works also a little bit easier by bluetooth, BUT I can only change songs in one album. I can´t change between albums or between playlists. And it won´t show covers of the albums at all. I don´t see this BMW problem, because with Apple Music all works just fine.


I just connect the usb cable to my phone and choose my phone from iDrive to be a media source. Then it will let me change between songs, playlists and between albums. And it shows album covers also.


In latest BMW entertainment system called NBT this all works by bluetooth with Apple Music, but not with Spotify.






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Hey @kokkonen


I have created an ongoing issue post, if you could please comment the information asked that would help Spotify Staff 🙂


You can find the post here


I hope you have an awesome day 🙂


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