Your Music>Saved Albums library disappearing

Your Music>Saved Albums library disappearing

Recently I've been using the "saved album" section found under the Your Music tab but have had all the albums I saved disappear even the albums that were ticked for offline play. I press the save album button which would save the album under the "saved album" section, in addition the artist of the album would also appear under "saved artist." I would go on and continue saving albums and ticking some of them for offline play, but after a couple of days I noticed the entire library under saved albums and artist disappeared, and as for the saved playlists they were not affected by this erasing. So I believed it to be a one-time occurrence and re-saved my favorite albums and re-ticked some for offline play, but after a week my saved albums were erased again including the ones I ticked for offline play, and like last time saved playlist was not affected, I even regained the storage space I used up to save the offline play albums. This is the problem I'm having with the Spotify app on my IPhone 5s, I would appreciate any advice and solutions to fix this issue, thank you.
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I'm having the same problem.

Weird, so the content is actually being removed from your music completely?

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Yup -- it still shows on my desktop app, but not in ios.

I'm having the same problem. 


I have SAVED albums and songs. They showed on my iPhone in the same way as on my PC. Now all my saved content has disappeared from my iPhone.


Content only reapears if I UNSAVE and then SAVE again on my PC. 


So do I have to go thru everything again to make all content show again on ios?????????

I have the same Problem. While loosing all the saved music (album and singers) on my iPod Touch, the android app is still working.
Only after reinstallation of the iOs App it is possible to get the music back. It appears in the list, as if it never happens. I hope they find an answer to that problem. For 10€ a month, I expect some more stability in the Software.

Is anyone working on this?

I've had this same problem several times. Sometimes, if I log out and log in, the albums are listed again, but not for the last few days. Which is ridiculous.

Every new update seems to work worse than the one it replaces. 

The desktop version works just fine. It's the one in my iPhone that crashes many times and sometimes, all of a sudden erases the albums list. 

Another problem, not new but that I forgot to mention is that when the albums list finally appears again, some of the albums are split. 

The album appears twice, with the songs of the whole album divided in the two albums, as if there were two lists with the songs of the whole album. 
Does anyone have this same issue?

I'm getting tired of Spotify crashing, taking ages to load and now this albums disappearing... 


Does this problem still happen? Or is it just not appearing when saved?
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It still happens. It's happened to me a few times now.

Jeremygoh please clarify your question.

I'm wondering does it still happen recently? Which means the album is saved but not showing up in the albums tab isnt it?

It will be good if everyone can provide:
1) Their Spotify Usernames
2) The albums being affected in your account
3) Spotify iOS version number + iPhone Model
4) Steps to replicate this (if possible, again)

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Someone I spoke to recently told me that restarting the iPhone will do the trick, whenever this problem happens.
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I'm having this issue as well. A restart did not help and I have > 5 gigs open on my phone. Albums are still there on the desktop but not on the app. Playlists remain intact including offline access but all saved songs and albums are gone. Extremely large issue given how long it took to acumulate all the albums. 


iphone 5s, iOS 7.1.2 running most current version of the app. if you need my username, let me know and i'll direct message it. 


Yes, very large issue.

Spotify don't seem to care that we're having this problem despite us paying for the service each month.

Is this going to be fixed or not?

I had exactly the same problem. spotify version is my iPhone OS version is 6.1.6 (model is iPhone 3GS)


It appeared brutally in the middle of using the app. I was navigating through the interface and all of the sudden all my saved albums were not there any more.


Sounds like a critical bug to me.


The only workaround I found was to uninstall the app and reinstall it, with the hassle of resynchronizing all my library.


But after restore, there is indeed another issue :


For every saved album which contained a song which was included in one of my playlist, the album comes back duplicated : one version with only the songs contained in my playlists, and the other version with the full album. Spotify app should detect duplicates !


So I guess you guys have to fix two bugs 🙂


Could you tell us if you're working on it ? Do you have a bug tracker ? It's kind of annoying and yes we pay for using spotify.

Hello community members,


I have the following problem and therefore need your help:


When adding new music in my "My Music" library - via iphone spotify app -, after a pause, in which I spotifiy do not use, all my new added music suddenly disappears. Do any of you have the same problem? Is there a limited capacity of the "My Music" library that I do not know? I have all my playlists of individual artists transfered to the new "My Music" library and it worked but when I am adding new music in my "My Music" Library it will not stay saved. Can you help me to solve the problem?


Thanks in advance for your help





Hey there. Award Winning Artist here.


I'm sorry you have this problem.


I see, one folk reported it too and it's now fixed at least for that folk. Can youn try if this also works now for you?


Limit in this function is so big, so no one easily reach it without hard try 🙂


Please also try if function works on another platform, like web player.


Many thanks.


I'm waiting to hear from you soon.

Hello Award Winning Artist,


can you show me the link where you have found the solution for my problem? 


I cannot find it. 


The only thread with the same problem is from the writer american??? and it is still unsolved.


Thanks a lot 



Hey there Music Lover.


The similar problem is here


your link does not provide any solution for the problem. It seems to me that the problem has been disapear by random.


Following this you can find another link, which I found after posting my problem, which describe the same problem. And is still unsolved.





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