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Your music not in ipad version


Your music not in ipad version

I've read the release notes for the latest version of the ios app and looked at the sticky thread of this board about the new version and FINALLY figured out that although the release notes say that Your Music is available in the new version of the ios app, it seems to only be in the iPhone version. A) why claim something is there when it's not?
B) please add this to the ipad version of the app soon. When I saw it was finally a way to sort my music on desktop, it's why I came back to spotify premium. I figured it'd be along soon enough on the mobile apps. I've got it on my android phone, but not on my ipad? That's just dumb. Please fix soon.
C) give us an update as to how long till you are adding the missing features reported in the release notes to the ipad version of the app. Seriously, talk about a loss of trust with your customers.

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Hey guys!


Yes, iOS version 1.9 has just been released!


This update brings the new design and "Your Music" to the iPad.


Enjoy! Thanks for your patience. 

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Currently you cannot access Your Music in the iPad app.


The developers are working on an updated iPad update with a new design similar to the iPhone app and it will include Discover and Your Music.


Shouldn't be too long of a wait. Maybe 1-3 months wait at the most. (just my best guess)

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This is a real balls up I think. WhenYour Music came along I spent an hour transferring all my album playlists to Your Music and deleting them only to find that when I opened the ipad app Your Music was no where to be seen. Bit cheeky to advertise a feature that doesn't exist.

Agreed.  Not good to come out with interface change this major on iphone and not ipad.

I spent an hour putting all my music in YOUR MUSIC on my iphone and now I can access nothing on my
ipad .

What an incredible fail .

Same here, spent ages changing playlists into saved albums and deleting all playlists. Now I cannot access saved music in the ipad add. Epic fail, guys!

Yeap the latest thing that was rolled into the iPad was Browse, but Your Music and Discover is coming shortly.

From what I understand..
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Considering the general consensus that Spotify failed pretty badly on this one and should offer some kind of bonus for those of us affected, eh?

MattSuda, you keep replying to these threads but you don't actually have any firm information. All of your replies are speculation. What we need is spotify to confirm that a new ipad app is coming.

You can always get in touch with spotify here for an official response. If you get an automated response directing you back to the community or to the help pages, please reply to it to speed things along.

Come on !

You updated ipad versión today ...
we can not use it, i ´ve just updated all my music to new format .... and now i can not use it in the ipad


Ive been hearing 1-3 months for a while.  I call B.S. How about a subscription credit for those who cant use the ipad app the way it should be.

We need to start pushing publicaly about this. I tweeted to @SpotifyCares asking when they would have this feature on ipad and was told, 

"We don't have an exact date for Your Music on iPad but we'll let our developers know you're keen to see it!"


WHAT???? This is a feature available on every other Spotify platform (Iphone, Android, Mac and PC apps) but not on Ipad and you don't have a date to add it there? What the what????


I think it's time to try and make our dissastifaction known more publicaly on FB, Twitter, Reddit, etc.) with lots of posts all tagging Spotify and using a hashtag. 


On Twitter, be sure to tag @Spotify and @Spotifycares. MAKE THEM FIX THIS!

Not available on Windows Phone either.

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That's just so dumb. Unforgiveable!


When YOUR MUSIC came along I deleted lots of my playlists and organized my musics in there using the desktop app, just to find out right after that I cannot access them on my iPad, wich I use a lot to listen to music.


Really, Spotify! Way to go! Epic, EPIC FAIL!

I agree.

Very disappointing, I can't see why the iPad does not offer the same interface as the iPhone.

Works like a dream on the iPhone, with playlists, songs, albums, ....


Please Spotify, fix this quickly!

Well, what's the story, morning glory? Is the iPad update ever going to happen? Seems like a cruel joke at this point to not have access to "Your Music" everywhere.

If you notice, Spotify on iPad still does not have the 'Discover' feature which launched almost a year ago.  I imagine it will be a long, long time until it sees the 'Your Music' functionality.  

This is really frustrating. The 'my music' functionality came back in April (at the latest?) and it's now late June...what's the hold up??

Unbelievable. Spotify made an outstanding music platform and cannot port that iPhone enhancement to the iPad platform !!!
That's a (bad) joke.
Worst than that, they do not reply seriously to their customers although they are paying monthly.
In my company charter, the first point is about customer satisfaction.
I was fan.

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