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Your music not in ipad version


Your music not in ipad version

I've read the release notes for the latest version of the ios app and looked at the sticky thread of this board about the new version and FINALLY figured out that although the release notes say that Your Music is available in the new version of the ios app, it seems to only be in the iPhone version. A) why claim something is there when it's not?
B) please add this to the ipad version of the app soon. When I saw it was finally a way to sort my music on desktop, it's why I came back to spotify premium. I figured it'd be along soon enough on the mobile apps. I've got it on my android phone, but not on my ipad? That's just dumb. Please fix soon.
C) give us an update as to how long till you are adding the missing features reported in the release notes to the ipad version of the app. Seriously, talk about a loss of trust with your customers.
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No changes on ipad in version 1.6








Please roll it out as soon as possible or provide an actual answer as to why it's still not out. I've already unsubscribed from premium for the time being.

Thanks for turning us on to the twitter handle of the spotify CEO. I just tweeted a few times at him about this issue. Check out my handle @charlesredell or look at the image attached and tweet at him too. Let him know this is unacceptable and show him this thread over and over. Did you know this thread has the most comments and the most kudos in spotifys ipad forum? You'd think that would say something!

Let @eldsjal and @spotify know you're angry at the lack of ipad updates. Demand better from a company you pay monthly. And don't be afraid to leave. I'm ready to go back to rdio. At least they took care of me as a customer.

Annoyingly the latest release notes for the ipad update released on 25th August say that you can "save whole albums directly to Your Music". Yeah, you could IF YOU HAD YOUR MUSIC ON THE IPAD!!!! Come on Spotify this is rubbish.

In case you have jailbreak, you can use RetinaPad from Cydia to use the iPhone version of the app, it works great!


In the settings, set the app in iPhone Mode, and that's it.


The bad thing is that this marvel is not free... but totally worth it.  Aaaaand to make it clear, I dont want to save up work to Spotify, im a premium user and I am STILL waiting for the iPad update 😄 COME ON PEOPLE!!

Some of us are still paying premium without access to our saved music on iPad.

Any updates?

Why won't Spotify give us an answer? Sonny the Spotify CS Advisor from Spotify, you lied to all of us and said it wouldn't be too long. You said this TWO MONTHS AGO!!!


Spotify is now my new, most hated supplier, due to their chosen lack of meaningful communication. What knind of company doesn't have contact phone numbers anyway?? really???. Ones that don't want to have a direct and adult relationship with their revenue stream. One that doesn't care, one that clearly thinks that it'sore important than you, the customer.


How about a real reply Spotify?? How about you actually tell us all what is going on, how long it will really take and why?


Can't wait until I get Kate Vales number and I'll tell her directly how we feel about her companies service.

I've said it numerous times already, if "my music" is not on ipad I will NOT upgrade to premium. PERIOD.

I have signed up for Wimp, as they have a similar interface and features.

However the interface is not as polished as Spotify's, but they have consistent features across mobile and tablet.


If 'Your Music' is not available by the end of this month I will cancell my subscription at Spotify and start using Wimp as my main streaming service.

Well another ios update today and still no YOUR MUSIC on the ipad.


Wow. I think I will have no choice but to switch to another service soon .Ill give it another

month or two.

Unreal isn't it? They've updated the app in a car, how many customers must that satisfy? But they can't put this one feature that we've been asking for SINCE APRIL on the IPAD????? 


I tweeted this. Please do it too:

.Spotify SpotifyCares @ you updated the Ford app but not Ipad w/Your Music? Why keep ignoring our requests?


this company must be shamed. Also, it's going to fail if it keeps this up. I'm done paying you spotify.

Why waste time creating a new feature about 1000 people will use when they could spend it making an existing one active on a device that I would guess tens of thousands or people use? It just make now sense.

There have been at least three updates to the iPad App and still no YourMusic.  At least an explanation to all the posts here and elsewhere is in order. What's so hard about implementing this feature?  It's been on iPhone for months!  The IPad is a great in-the-home music hub, but it becomes difficult to use if the tracks you add to YourMusic don't appear on it.

because they probably wrote the code for it already..... plus based on the posts here your estimates are probably off.

Found this tweet from back in April.


It seems that Spotify knew all along that it would take a long time. I'm wondering why the messaging on the forum has consistently been 'soon, soon.' Seems disingenuous. 

Excellent find @ronaldo781. Pretty telling conversation you had with them too. They just keep avoiding the actual question and saying nothing of substance. Just actual answers would go a long way toward satisfying us. Like, why is it taking so long?

Without the Your Music section, the iPad App is becoming more and more useless since I can't access my recently added albums. Also, when I add an album on the iPad, it will show up as a playlist and ruin the whole system. Is it really so hard Spotify?!

Seems pretty clear that Spotify doesn't care about this issue. Can anyone recommend another online streaming provider that streams at a reasonably high bitrate?

This is because the problem has nothing to do with programming, or the ability of Spotify to deliver an end product, and everything to do with the draconian demands of the record labels. Spotify's hands are tied.


And yes, the record labels DO get that a n a l about exactly which devices streaming shall be allowed on, and exactly which features those devices are allowed to have.


Spotify cannot afford to disrupt their relationship, rocky as it is, with the lables. Their entire product is on the line if they do. That is why that will not comment further. They cannot.


^^ Nothing about that is true. 

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