iOS 6 Support Announcement


iOS 6 Support Announcement


Hey everyone, the Spotify Community team here.Today we’re announcing that we will no longer support iOS 6 as a platform.


We obviously take retiring platform versions very seriously, and this decision was made with the goal of creating the best experience for our users.


We understand you might have some questions about this change, so we’ve outlined the top questions here. And please feel free to post below if you have any other concerns!


What will happen if I use iOS 6 on my device?

If you already have Spotify version 1.8.5 for iOS 6 installed on your device you can continue to listen to your tunes. Please note there will not be any further updates or fixes for this app as iOS 6 will no longer be a supported platform.


In order to receive support and the latest Spotify features on iOS devices you’ll need to upgrade to iOS 7 or higher. For more information about Spotify’s System Requirements just click here.


How do I update the iOS software on my iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?


We recommend checking this article on the Apple Support site.


I have some more questions about this...

No problem, please post them here. Thanks everyone!



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Casual Listener

Just found something ! 

If you deleted you spotify app by mistake, and if you checked on itunes (PC) the box that says to have a backup on icloud, I restored the ipod and then when you configure everuthing again, you can get a backup of max 2 days ago.Then the ipod starts downloading everything including the old version of spotify. 😄

At least it worked for me.

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To use an older, no longer supported version of spotify on your apple device,  you have to log onto the internet using safari, or chrome or firefox, etc. and log into your itunes account.   Log into the itunes account that you would use with your older apple device.......   Go into itunes' app section and get spotify.     Now spotify app is in the app section of your itunes library with all the other apps you have ever purchased.


With the spotify app now in your library,  go get your older apple device.  Using the device,  go to the app store and choose to install spotify.   You will now notice the little download bar has a cute little cloud picture on it when you install and it will revert to an older version.  I have done this for ios 5 and ios6 compatible devices without problem.


These older versions of spotify may have some quirks.   For example,  I would base most my listening off of playlists, as these seem to stay updated across devices. 


I do not believe you will arbitrarily get free access to .ipa file.   

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Logre descargar Spotify ver. del iTunes, las instrucciones estan en YouTube con el siguiente tag: Spotify IOS 6




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Casual Listener

Sorry but that's rubbish service.

My Ipod touch running iOS 6 only a few years old, and works perfectly I'm a premium subscriber and should get all the benefits, how do you know  that only "a very small percentage of our iOS users are currently on iOS 6." and what is this percentage?


What a disappointment ! Just received an old iPhone 3GS, I bought this device, especially to use as an offline music player in my car. So there is no way to get the older App onto the phone, even if I jailbreak the device ?




the thing I do not understand is why two seperate apps were needed to support ios 6 and newer versions. For example, when I install the chrome browser on iOS 6, i get the message that the current version requires iOS 7, but that the latest compatible version will be installed. Thats how things should be done.


Anyway, it would be very helpful if Spotify could at least provide the latest iOS version (1.8.5) as an ipa file to install it manually.


I started my one year spotify membership this tuesday, relying on the faq statement that the iphone 3gs is supported and then finding out that there is no way to use spotify on it... what a bummer...





Casual Listener
I understand that, now the problem is, i paied the promotion abaut 3 months and i have 1 last month.

How can i use in now? What can i do anout it?


Casual Listener
That's not a very helpful announcement. I'd like to use my iPod and my premium spotify account. Where can I get the app for my iPod 3rd gen

Music Fan

Horrible decision by Spotify! Really really bad. Can't say much more.





See Update Posts (2) on next page.


Fixed -  Thank you Spotify.




Need help please....

Spotify site says iPod Touch 4 gen is supported.

Your forum message said iOS7 is available for iPod Touch

iOS6 is the latest version available from Apple. 
(checked for iOS update on the iPod and iTunes)
As far as I can tell, iOS 7 is not available from Apple officially.


From this Forum's entry's iOS6 app announcement =


  What will happen if I use iOS 6 on my device?

  If you already have Spotify version 1.8.5 for iOS 6 installed on your device you can continue to listen to your tunes.


It used to be if I try to install the latest Spotify App at App would

download the last compatible version for iOS6

Due to some recent Spotify sync'ing problems, the suggested fix is to delete the app
and reinstall it...I followed this Spotify support guidance.  Now when I go to iTunes
to download Spotify app it still gives me the msg to allow it to download the
last compatible version...but this time it doesn't download anything.

I understand you don't want to provide future updates to the last compatible app anymore...but
please fix it so the last iOS6 compatible app version can still be downloaded from app store or from your site.


All I want to do is use my iPod Touch to play my playlists.  I can update and manage my account & music

using my other iOS8 device and PC Spotify apps.



a long time premium customer....

from Spotify site  =!/article/spotify-system-requirements/

-- iPhone/iPad: iPhone 4 or above, iPad 2 or above, and 4th generation iPod Touch

from Apple forum =

iPod 4th gen = 1 CPU, 256MB ram.... Impossible to run ios7.
Ios 7 takes 256-300mb memory to run.
The iPod 4th gen can BARELY run ios 6!


Hey spotify,


indeed this is a horrible decision.

I am using iPod 4th gen. as (offline-)music player and I want to continue doing so. I do not see any reason to let a perfectly working device go, just because there is some newer software and technology available. Among others, the spotify decision is really bad for environmental reasons, to say the least!


I do understand that a full support for older software is not granted any longer. But it should be possible to use a bug-free version.

It is Spotify's contract duty to the (premium-) customer to ensure that functional software for devices commonly in use is available!!!


Please provide a solution in a timely manner.


Best wishes!!!


Unbelivable ... At least let us install an older Version on for our "outdated" iPod 4.


no reply from my previous post ? So here I am again:


Dear Spotity,


Please please give us the opportunity to download the older app ONCE MORE ! We understand that we will not be supported and we will not enjoy Spotify the way we could.


But we don't care, as long as we can keep our outdated listening devices up and running for the time being . And of course, everyone should understand that it is just a matter of time until the older app will just stop working because of technical developments at your server. But this could take up to more than a year.


Hundreds of thousands of users would agree with me, if and when they found out that the older app could not be re-installed after a crash.


The app is ready to be re-installed into the app store. Installed apps can still function. This will cost Spotify nothing. A you have to do is mention that the app will stop working somewhere in 2016. So please reconsider and do some premium users a favour.





March 21, 2015 Update


Progress...  thank you......but....


Apple App store will now download Spotify app

to my iPod Touch 4gen running iOS 6, version 6.1.6.


I open app and sign-in to my Spofity acct.

But that is as far it will go...


The app does not sync with Spotify Host to

show/download my Playlists.  I get a loading message

indicator..but nothing happens.


I tried using USB cable to my PC/Win Spotify SW...

but again nothing happens to auto sync my iPod like

it used to do automatically with past SW versions.


The PC SW does not have any menu function that I could 

use to "find device" nor to initiate any kind of device sync'ing.


Is there something I need to do on my acct to

activate the iPod Touch? 


It used to be automatic once I signed-in on the device app.









iPod Touch 4gen = App 1-8-1-8   IMG_0129.PNG




Update # 2 - March 22, 2015


Great news -


1) The Apple App store will download iOS6 version of

Spotify App as reported on my 3/21/2015 post.


But app did not dowload/sync my playlists..or function.


2) I woke today, 3/22 to find my playlists have

downloaded and I can stream/listen to music again

on my iPod Touch 4 gen with iOS6.


Thank you Spotify for fixing this

iOS6 app support for all of us., back to the music we go....  : )




May I ask how you were able to downoad Spotify for iOS6? It still will not allow me to download it. When I try to install on my iPod Touch 4, it says that I need iOS 7. I had no problems until a couple of days ago, when I deleted the app because it wouldn't recognize my iPod touch. When I went to reinstall, the message about iOS 7 came up & it still won't allow me to install. Thanks.

i went to apple app store

searched for - spotify

latest app version is presented...

clicked download...

got msg for the last compatible version...clicked ok

as my 2 update posts describes next...

signed nothing loaded

then next day it was working...loaded my playlists.
I can stream..

no magic on my end...but checking and trying...

good luck....


@shop: I just tried to download the App, but a message "requires iOS 7" pops up. Information about older versions is nowhere to be found. May I ask you which country's app store you use ?  Perhaps it is not possible a access the older version in other regions ?


I was really decided to upgrade to the premium account, but I have an iPod 4 with ios 6.1.6.  Obviously, if the problem is not fixed, I will not upgrade.


Update: Finally, I could download an older version of the App. See my next post (next page).

Casual Listener
It seems that Spotify loves to lose potential customers. Many iOS 6 users would like too use Spotify, but they can't (I know several cases). I don´t understand this kind of business.

Casual Listener
Indeed a horribly rude and irresponsible descision. My Itouch 4th generation has 32gb and is in pristine condition. I am a faithful customer and I have recommended Spotify to everyone I know. But, now I can no longer use my Itouch because your CEO's have made a very wasteful decision. I guess I will have to start using itunes again. Thanks for the kick in the teeth. Sincerely, A very dissapointed customer who has been with you from the beginning. SHAME ON YOU!!!