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iPhone app keeps crashing!!!


iPhone app keeps crashing!!!

Just upgraded to Premium and my iPhone app keeps crashing, the minute I log in it's gone. Tried deleting, reinstalling, deleting all my playlists- nothing works!


Very frustrated and wondering what I can do. Recently upgraded to Premium and now even more frustrated as it's worse than when I was using the free version.


COme on spotify!


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Ok, the Spotify product, for the most part could be a great value. While many artists are absent (Eagles, Beatles (naturally), Bob Seger, etc.) the product, at least on paper, is a great advancement in preferential music listening.


However, all of that is negated by the performance on iPod Touch (and iPad too). The application is horrendously unstable; to the point of making it unworthy of the cost. I have followed the strings in these boards and I gotta tell you, not one solution has worked for me. I am running the latest O/S. I do not have an early generation iPod Touch. This is no fun. And, frankly, use of the term 'premium' under these conditions is just plain hype.


So Spoitfy management: either fix the problems or admit that they are beyond your capabilities to fix, and expect an Exodus to other emerging services / competition.

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@nissephex wrote:

Bloody hell! I think I just solved it on my iPhone...


In the 3 seconds I had before the app crashed I managed to (quick as hell) click my way to settings and toggle the "Offline Mode". The app crashed directly after but the next time I started the app I was in "Offline Mode" and the app didn't crash. Then I just went into the the settings tab and untoggled the "Offline Mode" and everything worked like a charm. The music has now been playing for about 5 minutes without any crashes...


I even tried to restart the whole phone and it still works!


Does this work for anyone else out there or was I just really lucky?



Holy Moly you are genius!  This worked for me too(at least it is working so far).  I should go find some wood to knock on now...

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Looks to me that with the new 0.5.0 version the problems are solved. This afternoon I played at least one hour continuously. Fingers crossed!

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I just thought I would post to say that for me the update seems to have(for now at least) stopped the frequent crashing of the app. I will do some more extended listening this weekend but had it playing for nearly an hour yesterday and no crashes. Before the update the app used to crash when adding tracks to play queue. It doesn't now. Also app seems to be running a bit more smoothly on the whole.

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I was experiencing the same problems as others on this forum until I downloaded the latest update from itunes. I have a 32GB iphone 3GS and since the update I haven't experienced the frequent crashing of the mobile app that was occurring prior to the update. I have been using the mobile app far more frequently since the update and for longer periods and I have (touch wood!) only had 1 random crash at the weekend.


I am assuming that those still experiencing crashes have downloaded the latest Spotify mobile app update? Are they completely random crashes or do they always happen just after you have performed a specific function. E.g. the app used to almost always crash when I added a track to the play queue, but it would also crash completely randomly as well. I'm not sure whether this is a memory problem as there have been recorded problems with the app consuming large amounts of space on the phone's hard drive due to the cache. What version of the ios do you have installed on your iphone? I am running 5.0; haven't updated to latest ios yet, but as I have said, touch wood, app isn't crashing any more for me. I was on the verge of cancelling my premium subscription until the latest update was released and so can completely understand everyone's frustrations.

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As there is NO support regarding this problem, I have decided to stop paying this company money on a monthly basis. I will look out for alternatives, maybe the German service Simfy will do the job and play music on my iPod without crashing. I have rarely seen a help forum with as little support as it seems to be the case here. Too bad, the product itself is very good, it just doesn't seem to work well on certain devices. It's the non existing forum support that makes me quit!

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Yes I have to agree. I've been a big fan of spotify since it's launch. I've recommended it to many friends. Now it seems like the end of a beautiful relationship. I need to cancel as I cannot afford to pay for an app that does not work. I was hoping that you could fix it but 6 months is too long to wait. I suspect this could ruin your business.


Over and out


GreenjasonovichSmiley Sad

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Hi. Could you please try a clean reinstall following the instructions here.

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Cancelling my subscription - this is a joke 

I have the same problem. I managed to get it running once by randomly deleting a few playlists and starred tracks, but now it's broken again. I've also tried all combinations of uninstalling, reinstalling etc and nothing seems to work now. I'm an iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1.


I think the issue is somehow related to playlist management and caching, becuase it started crashing after I had deleted a few playlists on the iPhone. 


Considering how far apart the iOS updates are rolling out nowadays, I'm also canceling until I see some concrete signs that this problem has been adressed and solved.

I just figured something out here. How many tracks and playlists do you have in your library? I just deleted a bunch of playlists in a last effort and voilà, the iOS app started working again. Hey Spotify, is there a limit to how many playlists you can have in the iOS app?

Nevermind. It was a short fix. I starred a track in the desktop client for Windows and the iOS app started crashing again. The weird thing is that deleting the starred track doesn't make the iOS app work again. What a hot mess this thing is!



I think it might have been related to some playlist issue in your account. Sorry if you just got kicked out of a Spotify session - We had to migrate your playlists over to our new server. 


For both of you, I would reinstall your application -

Airhorn Enthusiast

I have the same problem with the app closing down after a few seconds after login.

The reinstallation doens't work either, David. I've tried it about 10 times now, both with restarting the iPhone after and before the reinstallation of the app. 

I've looked aroung on different forums and apparently there are more people with similar problems... David, do you have any idea on how long we will have to wait until the issue is fixed?

Same exact thing happens to me using the IPhone app. About 5 seconds after I successfully log in, the app crashes. When I open it again, I have to log in again, before it crashes again. Need some help, please. David, you out there?

I installed the app on my mothers iPhone 4S today and tried to login using my own account and it crashed aswell. Then I tried to login with my brothers account on both my own phone and my mothers and it worked without any problem.


So it feels like it has something to do with the account, not the app.


I also tried to delete all my "local files" from my playlists incase it had something to do with that, but without any success 😞


I'm going to mail the support and ask them to give me a new account with my current playlists to see if it fixes the problem.

I've been having this problem for months now with the app on my 3GS. I've tried deleting, reinstalling, removing playlists, setting the stream to low bandwidth, and shutting down phone apps/resources, but it STILL crashes. On average, I'm lucky if I can play 1 or 2 songs before this happens.


I've been a Spotify subscriber for a very long time, but this is now getting ridiculous to the point I can no longer use the app any more. I'm seriously considering cancelling my subscription unless Spotify sort this shambles out!


My research over the last months leads me to the conclusion that this is now becoming a common issue.

Its very easy to crash the application.


1. Search for an artist with many albums (just pick one of the oldies...)

2. Click on the Artist tab and then on the artist to list the albums.

3. The app freezes while it tries to load all the albums until it crashes.


This works on my iPad gen1 and I would guess the it will work on an old iPhone. On 4s the album loads but it takes very long time but I think that if I could find an artist with even more albums it will crash on this device as well.


This is definitely a memory related issue.

Can any staff in here give any answers to this problem?


I'm basically wasting £10 a month for this un-wrorkable trash. It used to be such a good service.

I'm having the exact same problems as everyone else here (mine started after i organised my playlists into folders).


I'm just leaving a comment to see if i'll get a response from a member of staff. Will be cancelling my premium account if not.

We had some playlist related issue a couple of months ago that has been fixed now, but is still (it seems?) causing problems for some users that were affected back then.


David (or someone else with magic CS skills), can you help?

I thought I heard someone call my name.


Toby - Just looked at your account, and we're just migrating your playlists over to a new server. You'll need to reinstall Spotify on your devices and hopefully your playlists should be sorted. 


For you other guys, I've taken a look at your accounts and they don't seem to have the same issue as Toby's. I've tried to replicate this and not managed to do it. Strange. How much spare space do you have left on your iPhone? How much of that is taken up by Spotify?

Airhorn Enthusiast

I just bought my iPhone 4s (16 GB) and have 12.4 GB left. Spotify i using up only 10.2 MB.

Ignore this post. Should have read the edit earlier.

First was the record, then the cassette, the CD, then came along Spotify... that really did change everything!

I have nearly the same problem on my Ipod touch (iOS v 5.0.1). I just got premium and every time I try to open the spotify app it crashes immediately (I never tried to open it when I had the free version)


I tried restarting the iPod and reloading the app... no luck.  Suggestions??

Il semble que l'application se ferme à la réception de notifications ou mails, passer en mode avion pour régler le problème, mais je ne vais pas garder mon abonnement dans ces conditions!
It seems that the application closes the receiving notifications or mail, switch to airplane mode to fix the problem, but I'm not going to keep my membership in these conditions!

I'm suffering in a very similar way to the posts here.

My iPhone app (used on a 3GS with plenty of memory space) tends to crash unexpectedly - i.e. not immediately on log-in but quite often after just a few minutes.

Sometimes it will be fine for ages and then just suddenly crash.

It is infuriating and has been happening for a few months now.

I've tried deleting playlists and varying how much I have downloaded to the phone for use offline and keep up to date with app updates on iTunes but nothing seems to make it any more reliable. I am always telling non-Spotify members how good the service is (I've had an account for over 2 years) but I (and Spotify) look pretty stupid when you can't play music on it for more than a few minutes at a time. 

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