My spotify account says that im a person that im not?

My spotify account says that im a person that im not?


Hey! My spotify account says that im a friend of my? When I log out it says ''log out *blabla*'' when my name is *albalb* and when i view my friends its not my friends but *blabla's* friends? Think something got mixed up with facebook and stuff! How do I change this ?

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Hey gromtag, welcome to the Community.


This can happen if your browser was logged into another person's Facebook account when you connected your Spotify account to Facebook.

This should fix it:
1. Disconnect your Spotify account from Facebook.
You can do this in your Spotify Preferences (Spotify » Preferences in Mac and Edit » Preferences in Windows)
2. Exit Spotify.
3. Log in to your Facebook account in your web browser.
4. Run Spotify again and reconnect to Facebook.

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Thank you 🙂

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