Amazing headphones or speakers for Spotify


Amazing headphones or speakers for Spotify

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I really recommend AKG K 272 HD headphones for Spotify and also Logitech Z623 is awesome.


Do you use headphones or speakers or both for Spotify music? Can you suggest some.


I think that the topic can be useful to others.

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Urbanears are pretty good too.  The extra sound plug is super userful for sharing music by listening at the same time.  


I'm a big fan of the a-JAYS Four earphones.  They produce great sound, and if you use the correct size sleeves, they are very comfortable.


Here's a link if you're interested:

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I've been through so many headphones in my days, from the worst pair ever(tm) at Leeds Station, to some decent ones I left in Manchester. Shure & Beterdynamic have been pretty notable, however. 


Those a-JAYS look pretty classy, however. 

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I use a 30 year old (or thereabouts) Linn/Naim/Isobarik 6 pack. Spotify sounds fantastic. (for digital but (as yet) no match for vinyl). But maybe in the future we will have the option of 24/192? Please, pretty please?

Cheers... Ishtiaq


I'm a huge fan of Grados.


Even the lower priced models are utterly amazing, check 'em out! 


+1 on the Urbanears too, they rock - pretty good for iPhone phonecalls too!

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For my mobile I listen through a pair of Shure se210's.

On my desktop I have some Creative T40's

I have various bits of Sonos equipment too, but the two 'best' rooms have some Quad 11L speakers and Sennheiser HD650 headphones running from a Graham Slee headphone amp - amazing sound!
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I use my Beats by Dre Solos. They are a lot better than Studios in my opinion. 

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I use these days my Philips MC-70, connected to my home pc with RCA-3,5mm. Good music quality, purchased this sound system 2007 and still works! Not in market anymore, but it's good still. I also use sometimes my AKG K 272 HD headphones.


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I have a Cambridge Audio AV Receiver connected to some 5.1 Yahama speakers, which I can then just jack into my phone or my computer if I need something a little louder.
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Went into the shop and asked for the biggest headphones they had (I don't know much about sound quality, etc.) Got these:

Sony XDR200 (Sony XDR200)


I have no idea whether they are the best in sound or not (sounds good to me!) but they are big, so I'm happy. Plus they have a 'music/film' mode toggle on them that I'm pretty sure doesn't do anything. But it looks cool.

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I had those before Richard!


Sound quality was good, but not so much bass. But sound quality is good average in those. 🙂

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My AV Receiver died on me the other day. Thinking about treating myself to one of the Spotify-compatible Onkyo Receivers.

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I have a Sonos Play:5 which is very good for its sIze, and a pair of AKG K450s for the train!

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After five years my stereo system died today...


I'm miss you forever. Thank you for this awesome sound and bye forever. RIP Philips MC-70.


Seems like a bout of audio kit dying on us all...


My cheap PC-Line 5.1 thing (there's no other way of describing it) seems to keep going, sounding rather good for a £30 impulse buy. Does me anyway... otherwise it's a case of getting out the urbanears.

First was the record, then the cassette, the CD, then came along Spotify... that really did change everything!

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Hey, if you need a good Bluetooth set to your Mobile (where is of course Spotify), I can suggest Philips SHB 9001. I use this set for year now (not sure when I got those). But long time.




The only one bad thing is that Spotify for Mobile in Windows Phone foes not work properly with Bluetooth. But I can live with it, because those are only one headphones that I can use from year to year. All wired headphones are broken in some month.


So I changed to wireless because of this.

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Hey, just purchased a new sound system for Spotify. Not Philips this time, Sony MHC-EX700.




More coming soon. Sorry, I'm currently not at home, so can't contribute much.


Thank you and sorry.

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More pictures...



Package, very huge, and all good things in



Micro system in use with Spotify Premium - sound: just awesome for price


I think that for 169 € this is awesome mini hi-fi system. With Spotify Premium sound quality is good. I can hear bass and sound is good average. With Spotify I can still enjoy good sound with my new sound system. Philips MC-70 sound systemn died as I say before after five years. This is big time to work. Yesterday I purchase this Sony MHC-EX700. Skrillex sounds good. I like this sound system.


When you want to conenct this to your PC, just buy with this RCA-3,5mm. And connect from sound system to computer. I try soon Spotify Unlimited music quality and tell you more about sound here. I really think to downgrade to Unlimited if this is enough to me with this great sound system. But keep reading. How I can check this with Premium? It's simple, just go to Preferences, disable HQ and delete then cache.


Let's start. Cache is now removed. Now I can listen Unlimited sound 160 kbps with this system. Sound quality is enough for me. I really can listen this 160 kbps quality. Sounds much better than FM radio, but still cheap thing. Why pay for buggy Spotify Premium app in Windows Phone if Unlimited is enough? I really think this more before 07/07 when my Premium subscription is in it's end.


I can suggest this sound system for Spotify use. Sound is good average, not best on the market, but for price really good. Also this sound system is made with style. I really like this style. And build quality is awesome. I listened today The Voice radio, sound was good, but music too poor. Same songs from day to day. Makes me tired to listen music. But then I start Spotify, good music all day everyday.


So... It's time to downgrade to Unlimited. The 160 kbps sound quality is more than enough to me. And then I can switch in Mobile to better service like Nokia Lumia's Mix Radio (Free). You know, the Windows Phone Spotify app is unreliable for price, slow and buggy. And for me now it is pointless to pay for better quality in sound, if this Unlimited sound quality is just awesome for this sound system.


Spotify can be happy, I'm still your user, but just Unlimited user. Thank you for the music. And Sony, you made good stereo system. I'm happy now.


Great sound... really.Spotify's 160 kbps is really good.


Tracks played in this 160 kbps test:


Tiësto – Maximal Crazy (Radio Edit)
Palm Springs – DJ Play This Song - Rocco & Bass T Edit
Armand Van Helden – My My My - Radio Edit
UK Maniax – I'm A Raver - Commercial Club Crew Radio Edit
Skrillex – Bangarang - feat. Sirah
Brooklyn Bounce vs. DJs from Mars – Sex, Bass & Rock’n’Roll 2K11 (DJs from Mars Radio Edit 2K11)
Dash Berlin – Surrender
Cascada – Summer Of Love - Video Edit
Liviu Hodor – Sweet Love (feat. Mona) - Radio Edit
Loona – Vamos A La Playa (Commercial Club Crew radio edit)
Toni Peret feat. Ian Hooper – Music Is Everything

The Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow


I like it and I downgrade to Unlimited. Many thanks.

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Bass test for my new Sony sound system.


More tests today with sound. Can confirm, that bass and average sound is deeper with Premium 320 kbps in those. So I need time to think what I do. Premium quality is awesome, but Unlimited is good average. I do another test later...